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Cable ducts: protection from and for cables
Cable ducts are profiles that sort, cover, secure and guide cables otherwise lying loose on the ground. This more or less involves laying a cable channel, either indoors, for example in the office, or in outdoor areas. On the ground, the cable channel is self adhesive, or it is usually secured using double sided adhesive tape. In outdoor areas, the cable channel can be driven over and is made of heavy, weather proof material. Cables that are lying on the ground without being secure present a risk of damaging the device connection, and represent a risk of accidents due to stumbling over the wires. With the aid of cable ducts, these lines can be fixed in place and protected from strain due to tensile forces, being crushed and abrasion. Cable ducts are placed flat on the ground on a slight angle, are easy to install and easy to identify. Cable ducts for outdoor use are primarily designed to protect cables that, for example, are exposed to high loads at outdoor events and on construction sites. They are therefore often made of hard plastic, aluminium or rubber. Rigid individual sections are connected in a row as required. They are usually made of metal or hard PVC. There are models connected to the ground using bolted or bonded connections, as well as flexible systems that do not have to be fixed in place. The high intrinsic weight of the hose and cable ducts, and their shape, ensure they do not shift out of place. Hose ducts function in a similar way to cable ducts.

Professional cable ducts for indoor and outdoor use
The barriers and markings category at KAISER+KRAFT includes high quality and highly resistant cable ducts. They are highly temperature and weather resistant, and can be used both in outdoor areas and indoors. The product range from KAISER+KRAFT also includes resilient cable ducts made of aluminium and PVC, as well as hose bridges. These products are also suitable for HGV traffic. It is not necessary to secure the hose ducts or cable ducts in outdoor areas, which makes them optimally suited for temporary use. The cable ducts are therefore quick and convenient to use to events and trade fairs.

Cable ducts

You'll find them on construction sites, at concerts and industrial premises: cable ducts for optimum protection of your cables and wires. Whether lorries, forklift trucks or wheelbarrows are driving over them, there's a cable duct suitable for every point of use.
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Inc. VAT £24.00
Ex. VAT £20.00
Cable duct, large
45° angled piece
Inc. VAT £72.00
Ex. VAT £60.00
Cable duct, large
standard element
Inc. VAT £142.80
Ex. VAT £119.00
Aluminium cable duct
LxWxH 2000 x 80 x 20 mm
Inc. VAT from £100.80
Ex. VAT from £84.00
Inc. VAT from £104.40
Ex. VAT from £87.00
Inc. VAT from £292.80
Ex. VAT from £244.00
Hose and cable bridge
for cable Ø up to 45 mm, yellow
Inc. VAT £214.80
Ex. VAT £179.00
Hose and cable bridge
for cable Ø up to 75 mm, black
Inc. VAT £162.00
Ex. VAT £135.00
PVC cable duct
LxWxH 1500 x 200 x 35 mm
Inc. VAT from £123.60
Ex. VAT from £103.00
Aluminium cable duct
LxWxH 1500 x 80 x 20 mm
Inc. VAT from £75.60
Ex. VAT from £63.00
10 items found
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