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Safety first: speed ramps
Speed ramps are an efficient means of regulating the flow of traffic and reducing the speed of vehicles, and can be used for these purposes both permanently or temporarily. By mounting traffic guide barriers and speed ramps, you will be boosting safety on your company premises. This is particularly important at hazardous points, such as loading bays, exits, junctions or pedestrian crossings. The high quality products made by KAISER+KRAFT in the category of barriers and markings are suitable for all these purposes, and will make your company grounds a safer place. They are characterised by particularly high weather and temperature resistance, both indoors and in outdoor areas. Using lane markings and guide barriers will allow you to make dangerous junctions safe, and guide vehicles and pedestrians through your grounds. Speed ramps curb the speed of traffic passing through, and therefore protect public parking spaces in cities, schools and on the company grounds. These inhibitors to speeding are a tried and tested way to slow down road users.

Tried and tested quality for safety on your company premises
Speed ramps are able to prevent road users from driving too fast, without causing damage to vehicles. For example, KAISER+KRAFT has speed ramps on offer for your company to limits speeds to 10 or 20 km/h respectively, and which are noticed well in advance due to their signal colours and reflectors. Despite being highly effective, they present no risk of damage for vehicle tyres and chassis. They are made of a rubber compound that is highly resistant and immune to damage by trucks, and which feature a profile that remains safe even when wet. The end caps at the sides of the speed ramps guarantee safety for pedestrians and cyclists. These models also feature a cable channel. Speed ramps made of rubber and that are softer than classic speed ramps supplement the KAISER+KRAFT product range. They are resistant to UV light, oils, moisture and extreme fluctuations in temperature, and feature an anti-slip surface. The product range from KAISER+KRAFT also includes models made of recycled rubber. They are UV resistant and temperature resistant from –40 °C to +80 °C. These models are also resistant to oils and acids, and feature a structured, anti-slip surface. The models made of recycled rubber are also fitted with reflective warning stripes and reflectors, increasing safety even further.

Speed ramps

Speed ramps make all types of roadway safer: Speed ramps prevent speeding at busy and risk-prone sites like loading bays, exits or pedestrian crossings.
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Inc. VAT from £288.00
Ex. VAT from £240.00
Inc. VAT from £117.60
Ex. VAT from £98.00
Kerb ramp
made of hard rubber
Inc. VAT from £123.60
Ex. VAT from £103.00
Speed ramp
speed limit 10 km/h, LxW 405 x 250 mm
Inc. VAT £68.40
Ex. VAT £57.00
Guide for car parks and driving lanes
long, without marker, pack of 2
Inc. VAT £109.20
Ex. VAT £91.00
Guide for car parks and driving lanes
long, with marker, pack of 2
Inc. VAT £154.80
Ex. VAT £129.00
Guide for car parks and driving lanes
short, with marker, pack of 2
Inc. VAT £74.40
Ex. VAT £62.00
Inc. VAT from £820.80
Ex. VAT from £684.00
Lorry parking guide set
steel, zinc plated
Inc. VAT from £2,172.00
Ex. VAT from £1,810.00
Speed ramp set
for single lane width
Inc. VAT £292.80
Ex. VAT £244.00
Speed ramp set
for two-lane width
Inc. VAT £562.80
Ex. VAT £469.00
Speed ramp
speed limit 20 km/h, LxW 340 x 250 mm
Inc. VAT £69.60
Ex. VAT £58.00
12 items found
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