Dedicated, open, honest and just.

Company activity made transparent.

We asked ourselves: how important is the issue of responsibility? What sort of effort is expected of us as a company? Where can we act in a sustainable, socially responsible manner? And where can we help best?

One possible answer could be: We feel obligated to act in the interests of future generations.

However, our answer is: When, if not now? Where, if not here? Who, if not us? So we don’t talk, we act: With financial support, material donations, expertise, passion and great dedication. Many employees have been active for many years − helping to clean up forests and village streams, in sport clubs, with the voluntary fire service, in charitable organisations, neighbourhood projects, schools for the disabled or by running a marathon for a good cause. They also do a wide range of voluntary work such as language teaching for women from Syria, swimming and skiing lessons for children and teenagers as well as collecting and selling clothing donations for Caritas – just to name a few examples. These local initiatives have such a great effect because the employees there know how the company location can provide help and support.

Our development principle is to consolidate forces for good. And this is why we grant extra holidays to our employees who are engaged in charitable or socially beneficial work and make a lot of things possible for them. Also because their dedication will have a lasting benefit for both parties. As a company we strengthen our social environment and help to shape conditions for more conscious, responsible and economic behaviour at many company levels. Our employees also learn to be more aware through their voluntary work and to take greater care of the environment, to save resources in the area in which they live and learn to see others without prejudice. And this strengthens our working culture.

We are convinced that we can take steps together to create a more respectful, socially just and sustainable society.