Brexit has been the biggest topic in business since June 2016.

Below you can find our answers to your most frequently asked questions on Brexit preparedness.

This includes details on:

• Lastest delivery updates.

• Who runs out Brexit readiness group

• Our relationship with customers & suppliers.

• The supply chain

• AEO accreditation


Yes, this is a highly confidential document which unfortunately cannot be shared. Any specific questions you may have will be answered at your first request.
The document covers key areas such as:
Customs and tariffs for shipments outside of the EU: KAISER+KRAFT EU already performs export shipments to countries all over the world including Switzerland. As such our systems and people are prepared for shipments outside of the EU.

Logistics: as stated earlier, KAISER+KRAFT is experienced in exporting products outside of the EU. One element that we have less control over is drop-shipments directly from EU suppliers to our customers in the UK. As such we are looking at a “worst-case: no deal” scenario for this specific supply chain. If this form of logistics poses a threat to our delivery times or fulfilment, we will reroute the shipments through our own logistics centre in Germany and if necessary, maintain stock for relevant products.

Although we have taken the full scope of supply chain risks into account within our Brexit Readiness Plans, such as delays on imported goods, new customs requirements, change on import tariffs, etc., we conclude that the risks in regards to our relationship with our customers and their clients are minimal. This is due to the fact that KAISER+KRAFT UK imports goods from one single point in Europe, namely our logistics centre in Germany. This method ensures we can maintain a single process for all imported goods.

All imports performed by our UK office are sourced from one single point, our logistics centre in Germany.

Kaiser + Kraft Europa GmbH does not purchase or sell any articles that are in conflict with any European regulations. This is guaranteed by our suppliers. A guarantee which is regularly subjected to scrutiny, testing and practical checks by our Product Management department.

Naturally, we can provide detailed information on raw materials and adherence to relevant regulations for each of the 55,000 products that we offer in our webshop should you require such information for a specific product.

Yes, all imports performed by our UK office are sourced from one single point, our logistics centre in Germany. This ensures that any change in tariff is simplified as it will be limited to a specific trade route.

Not at this moment. We are awaiting the Brexit developments and will apply for the AEO accreditation should the developments lead us to believe AEO accreditation will improve our supply chain.