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Counters for your business premises and a professional reception area. Because as you know – you never get a second chance to make a first impression. The very first glance is often directed at your reception area counter, which forms the centre point of many a foyer, and the first point of contact for customers and business partners – in hotels, doctor's clinics or law offices, and in agencies.
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Elegant and functional counters upgrade the appearance of commercial premises. At the same time, they provide a way of creating more usable space while taking up little room. Supplemented with elegant chairs and tables, counters can be made an eye catching feature of every office, and their effective functions make work processes much easier to accomplish. Special counter systems are the optimal solution for setting up a reception area in companies or practices. Of course, these high quality counters can also be used for trade fairs, for the hospitality industry and for retail space.

Practical and stylish
Counters for your company premises can be found here in the product range of offer. Structure your reception area with high quality tables, chairs and counters and turn it into an attractive and welcoming place to receive customers and clients. You will also find counters in different designs in the shop, made of high quality materials and featuring elegant designs that decently match the furnishings you have already installed. A flexible design makes it easy to incorporate them into any room. Office, practice or clinic – effectively improving the appearance is now easy: the attractive range of stylish counters, chairs and tables from KAISER+KRAFT makes it possible.


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