IBC container, earthed for EX zones 1 + 2

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IBC container, earthed, for EX zones 1 + 2, on a plastic pallet
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Product description
The IBC container with a welded tubular steel frame, a robust reusable plastic container and integrate pallet.
Depending on the purpose of use, either with a wooden pallet, plastic pallet or composite pallet (top pallet and frame made of zinc plated sheet steel, corner feet made of high density polyethylene).
This IBC container is the first choice for transporting flammable liquids and transport in explosion protected work areas in EX zones 1 and 2.
An inner container with several layers of plastic with an outermost, permanently conductive layer ensures safety.
The goods are earthed by means of a conductive valve and the earthing cable connected to the frame. The ribbed lid prevent hazardous static build-up.
Not suitable for all acids and alkaline solutions, please enquire!
Technical data
Capacity1000 l
Length1200 mm
Width1000 mm
Height1163 mm
Weight59 kg
Materialpolyethylene (low pressure PE / HDPE)
Fittingson a plastic pallet
Drainage tap versionpiston valve
Frame finishzinc plated
Nominal drainage tap diameter50 mm
Nominal filling opening diameter150 mm
Frame materialtubular steel