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Hazardous goods storage cupboards

Do you work with chemicals, toxins and paints, with flammable and water hazardous liquids? You can store dangerous substances like this safely in hazardous goods storage cupboards. There is a cupboard to match every application, from environmental cupboard or chemical storage cupboard to gas cylinder cupboards. Choose the right one here!
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114 items found
Hazardous goods cupboards – regulations and safety
Hazardous goods cupboards are covered by regulations making them mandatory when work being done in the workshop is combined with substances damaging to the environment and flammable liquids. Hazardous substances may only be stored in safety cupboards tested for this purpose and which comply with safety standards. The regulations governing the storage of hazardous substances are not only extensive, but also country-specific. In Europe, for example, the Hazardous Goods Directive, the Water Resource Act or the Occupational Safety Directive apply. However, these are by no means all guidelines that need to be observed when purchasing a suitable hazardous goods storage cupboard. When hazardous substances need to be stored for a period exceeding 24 hours, then the type of substance, the work processes into which they are integrated, and the hazard class of the substance must be observed. This is decisive for the choice of appropriate storage. Fire resistant hazardous goods storage cupboards are, for example, used for storing flammable liquids. The storage rooms with flammable substances need to be isolated from other rooms. If the regulations are not complied with in this case, then insurance companies may refuse compensation in the event of damage. Water hazardous substances should be stored in environmental cupboards with fully galvanised sump shelves. This is why our online shop offers hazardous goods cupboards in high quality with a range of required functions and that impress with their durability and high quality materials. If hazardous goods cupboards are only permitted for use in certain countries, then there is an explicit reference to this in the webshop.

Hazardous goods cupboards made of different materials and with different functions
Hazardous goods cupboards secure hazardous goods stored in work rooms. The online product range includes different cupboards for different substances. The safety cupboards are referred to as cylinder cupboards, chemical storage cupboards, poison storage cupboards and environmental cupboards. Drum cupboards with removable sump shelves even allow entire drums full of hazardous liquids to be stored. These cupboards can be self locking, be fitted with padlocks or be equipped with integrated locks. Access by unauthorised persons must, after all, be prevented somehow. There are flame resistant hazardous goods storage cupboards and safety cabinets with ventilation slots. Robust steel and stable, high quality sheet metal ensure a long service life, while powder coating in different colours ensure their outside appearance makes a positive impression. Hazardous goods cupboards in different colours allow each hazardous good to be assigned a specific colour. That increases safety in handling with substances and makes checking, and classification, much easier.
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