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Guidelines for laboratory exhaust hoods

Exhaust hoods are the most important operational component in many laboratories. They must be designed so that harmful concentrated substances do not leak out of the hood into the room, but rather are efficiently extracted. Exhaust hoods are supplied in many models and versions, depending on the respective application, the workflow and in accordance with the ventilation concept utilised in the laboratory. All hood types have been tested in our own ventilation test facility and meet the requirements of EN 14175. They consist of a top hood section with deflectors, holding stands, lighting, a table frame with ceramic tabletop and drainage basin as well as base cupboards with hinged doors.

Laboratory exhaust hoods can be optionally fitted with top glazing on the front panel, in order to provide a better view of rather tall experiment assemblies. In addition, media removal utensils and safety sockets can be selected. In addition to the exhaust hoods listed here, there are a variety of hood types available such as deep hoods, intake air hoods, filter hoods, fume-off hoods, radionuclide hoods, etc.

Information about laboratory exhaust hoods ha&

Laboratory exhaust hood requirements

Exhaust hoods must be manufactured in such a way, that:

  • Due to their construction and routing of air flow during operation, harmful concentrations of gases, vapours and dust, or anything else from inside the hood, can not escape into the laboratory.
  • A dangerous, potentially explosive atmosphere can not form inside the hood.
  • Laboratory personnel are protected by the closed front window from splashing hazardous substances and flying shards of glass.

Hoods are constructed in accordance with EN 14175. This standard is comprised of the following sections:

  • Section 1: Definitions
  • Section 2: Safety and performance requirements
  • Section 3: Type approval
  • Section 4: On-site testing
  • Section 5: Recommendations for installation and maintenance
  • Section 6: Regulated volumetric flow rate hoods

Frequently asked questions regarding EN 14175:

Detailed images of our laboratory exhaust hoods:

Information about laboratory exhaust hoods ha&

Interior view of hood

Information about laboratory exhaust hoods ha&

Detail view of hood

Information about laboratory exhaust hoods ha&

Detail view of hood

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