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Use of JavaScript in the web shop

This web shop functions best for visitors who allow JavaScript to be used in their browser. Areas can then be used more intuitively by our users – for example, a shopping cart/navigation menu that opens up immediately when the mouse is moved over it.

Visitors that do not use JavaScript can also use the web shop. However, it isn't as convenient or intuitive as with JavaScript activated. And some functions cannot be used at all, such as the comparison of items.

Usually you can adapt the JavaScript settings in all the normal web browsers under the menu item “Settings” or similar.

The advantages of using JavaScript

You need to have JavaScript activated to use all the features of some areas of this web shop. These include:

Product comparison

Wish list

Navigation menu opens directly with mouse contact (mouse-over function)

Convenient filtering of the search results

Dynamic reloading of the search results

Product comparison