KERN – Digital refractometer for industry


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KERN – Digital refractometer, for industry, with automatic temperature detection

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Product description

Precise, universal and maintenance free digital hand-held refractometer. Its practical design makes it suitable for convenient and immediate everyday handling. It is easy to use, robust and covered by the international protection class IP65. It can be rinsed with running water after use. The large and clearly legible TFT colour display allows the user to always determine the measured value with confidence. The large selection of models with either simple or multiple measurement scales means it can be used in a variety of applications. The optimized device software can display results in different measurement scales. The integrated automatic temperature compensation (ATC) provides simple and quick operation, as no manual conversion of the measurement results are required. Due to the refractometer calibration, immediate application and exact sample measurements are ensured.

This model is especially suitable for measuring and determining AdBlue, glycol concentration (ethylene: EG and propylene: PG), battery fluid (BF), urea and the freezing point of wiper fluid (CW). Furthermore this model is suitable for measuring the temperature exchange system.
Supplied complete with: storage case, calibration solution, 2 x AAA batteries, pipette, screwdriver, leather case, cleaning towel.

Technical data

Area of applicationindustry
ScalesEG (ethylene glycol)
PG (propylene glycol)
CW (freezing point measurement of wiper fluid)
BF (battery fluid)
Measuring range–50 – 0 °C (EG)
–50 – 0 °C (PG)
–40 – 0 °C (CW)
1.0 – 1.5 kg/l (BF)
Accuracy0.5 °C (EG)
0.5 °C (PG)
0.5 °C (CW)
0.01 kg/l (BF)
Division0.1 °C (EG)
0.1 °C (PG)
0.1 °C (CW)
0.01 kg/l (BF)
Featureautomatic temperature compensation
Height38 mm
Width133 mm
Depth65 mm
Product typerefractometers
Suppliedpartially assembled
Weight0.21 kg