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Ladders and scaffolding – getting you up there
In our webshop, you will find ladders and scaffolding which are suitable for a wide range of applications. Our products are not only well suited for indoor use, but rather for outdoor use as well. In addition, they are also distinguished by their quick assembly and disassembly as well as their non-slip platforms. The advantages of ladders and scaffolding are easily recognised: Employees have optimum freedom of movement and stability with this work equipment. By carefully selecting suitable work equipment in advance, workers can feel safe using it at all times.
On construction sites, in the warehouse, for janitorial tasks or other applications, a safe ladder or scaffolding are often required when work must be performed at greater heights. With the help of such work devices, higher places can be easily reached. Mobile safety steps or scaffolding provide secure footing at greater heights. This enables workers to stand comfortably and work for longer periods of time, also with tools or machines. However, it is not always necessary to go all the way to the top. For applications where someone only needs to reach a cupboard just overhead, smaller steps or ladders are suitable. These can be conveniently stored behind a door.

Your advantages with ladders and scaffolding
You will find different models of ladders, steps, scaffolding and stairs in this category. Some of the products are GS tested or bear the TÜV south symbol. On some ladders and folding steps, you even get a guarantee of up to fifteen years. EUROKRAFT brand machine steps can be a reliable and secure companion in craft and trade for many, many years. Older wooden ladders of the past are now obsolete – modern ladders and scaffolding are made of lightweight aluminium or robust steel. There is suitable equipment for every requirement, regardless of whether it is a ladder with rollers, a platform or a lean-to ladder that you need. Special scaffolding for working at greater heights supplements our comprehensive product assortment.

Ladders and scaffolding

You will find suitable ladders, steps, stairs and scaffolds for every purpose and every workplace here. And because each and every model and version is non-slip, stable and ergonomic, you will always make a good choice – regardless of what you decide for and why you chose it.
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