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Cleanliness and organisation in the company

That's got to go – and that's got to go over there

A working day in the life of caretaker Jack Brooks

Northgate FM Ltd based in Birmingham, UK

7:45 a.m

Outside it is still dark, fine rain is falling, the weather is unpleasant. Caretaker Jack Brooks is already at work, as one of the first. And he is the first to see that there is no entrance matting in the entrance to the company where he works, Northgate FM Ltd. “If anyone here slips, they'll break their neck. That's not OK. Something needs to be put there quickly.”

8:05 a.m.

The entrance matting is already laid out in the entrance area when the employees arrive. Caretaker Jack Brooks is proud of himself. But not for long. Because – nothing escapes his eyes – his colleagues bring lots of leaves into the company. “This has to go. I need a broom, a sweeping machine would be even better.”

10:22 a.m.

The entrance area is sparkling clean, no autumn leaves as far as the eye can see, neither in front of, nor behind, the door. Perfect, except... yes, except for the puddles. Or was that even the Great Dane that belongs to the accountant from the second floor. “You'll be sorry, Lola – you messy pup! That's gotta go. And quick smart!” Caretaker Jack Brooks sets up two umbrella stands.

12:01 p.m.

Oh, damn. Slipped over. Caretaker Jack Brooks himself. Now what? His apprentice Scott says: “He has to get away from there, Jack.” If the managing director sees him sitting there like that. How did his boss miss the banana in the kitchen? And where's the trash can anyway?

1:08 p.m.

Caretaker Jack still limps a little, but luckily nothing worse happened. But there's something else that's unfortunate. Because what sight does the caretaker have to suffer again? Garbage, garbage and more garbage. After lunch in the outdoor area, it looks like a teenager's bedroom. “Scott”, he calls out for his apprentice, “that has to go. But please hurry.” And he reaches for the gripping tongs himself and makes short work of cigarette butts, food scraps and handkerchiefs.

2:57 p.m.

Well done Scott. Caretaker Jack is satisfied with his apprentice. All the rubbish was stuffed into waste sacks and disposed of in the recyclable waste collector. “But... the kid hasn't...? Or has he? Yes, he did...” Scott did indeed take care of Jack's lunch at the same time, the uneaten one, mind you. That didn't have to go.

3:02 p.m.

With a growling stomach and a growling Great Dane Lola belonging to the accountant on the second floor, caretaker Jack gets going. He sets out to clean dust and dirt from the door signs, warning signs and emergency exit lighting with his microfibre cloth. “The layer of dirt, it has to go, but pronto, go Lola, lick it off”, he laughs about his own joke and feeds Lola treats.

3:34 p.m.

Scott comes meekly around the corner, pulling the cleaning trolley and a small snack for his boss, whose stomach is louder now than that of the Great Dane Lola belonging to the accountant on the second floor. “Pizza ... my favourite food”, rejoices the starved caretaker and bites into it. And whoops, it happened: Fatty, oily and still stringy, the delicious cheese lands with a dollop of sauce on the kitchen tiles. And Lola's right in there and into the mess. “That must go”, says Scott and pulls Lola in front of the entrance area.

3:35 p.m.

“And that's supposed to stay there?” Jack looks after the tomato-cheese-dog prints, which look like ants on their way to a nap after a feast. “You gotta get rid of that – and you'll need a vacuum cleaner.” Marietta from the reception looks at him doubtfully: “A vacuum cleaner? For that much dirt? That won't get rid of it.” No problem: It's not the case that Jack doesn't have a wet/dry vacuum cleaner to use: “It has to go right there now”.

4:47 p.m.

Come on, now. It's almost closing time. Quickly use the window cleaning set to clean the windows on the second floor with the accountant, the one with the Great Dane, Lola. “Nice guy, but the dog's too big, a horse.” And promptly Lola shoots around the corner with paws that still aren't quite clean. “No, it has to go, or rather, that has to go.” Jack grabs his high-pressure cleaner and threatens the accountant. It's clearly a joke. “You or me?”

5:07 p.m.

That's enough. Finished. Over and out. For today. Just quickly shine your boots in the boot cleaner and off home: “Scott, you have to go here, because what's on your shoes has to go, kid!” A little tired from the long day, but with clean shoes, Scott and caretaker Jack trot away. Each to his home. Until another day begins tomorrow.


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