Axelent Monitor arms & tablet holders

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Axelent desk space savers: your solution to chaos

Using a variety of desk space savers will help you get organised within the shortest of times, and will help you maintain order over the long term. Axelent desk space savers are easy to install and can therefore be used by anyone. The flat screen bracket is one of those classic aids for everyday work that will quickly create plenty of space. Axelent desk space savers are also a practical addition to your workshop as well. Protective mesh fencing for insertion allows you to partition off your desk from production areas within a workshop straightforwardly. This easy to use organisation system therefore allows you to prevent accidents. The topic of safety has utmost priority at Axelent. By principle, Axelent develops safety fencing systems for machines, plants, robots, warehouse and industry. Furthermore, Axelent desk space savers are also part of the product range. The flexible use that all products allow is the hallmark of Axelent products.