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Save it in the safe! The best place for valuables and money used to be mattresses and socks. Nowadays we like to lock our documents, items of value and weapons safely away – and take advantage of the opportunities that safes provide us. It's not without reason that the Frenchman likes to tell his partner: mon trésor!
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50 items found
Safes and security cupboards
Safes represent security, and security plays an important role in every company. Documents, valuables and weapons must be securely protected from outside access – also to avoid compromising the insurance policy in the event of burglary. Cash boxes, just like safes and security cupboards, are used for regulation compliant storage. Keys will find room in a key safe, which has undergone advance official testing, to prevent unauthorised access. Safes and furniture safes can be integrated into the existing office furniture without problems. They are a secure depot for cash stocks and documents. Which safes or security cupboards are used depends on the type and size of the objects to be protected. In any case, however, it must be ensured that the respective safes have been tested in accordance with security guidelines and are therefore suitable for use in the area intended. A distinction is made between different levels, which can be identified by markings on document safes and safes. Special tests in resistance units or security units define the level of burglary protection in this case. Fire resistance and slump tests are also components of the security-relevant evaluation criteria. A fireproof safe provides protection for the most important documents and valuables in the event of a fire. A choice can be made between single or multiple wall designs, and different locking mechanisms. This ensures the right security cupboard can be found for every area of use.

Individual safe solutions for every company
A safe can be manufactured as one of many different versions. Along with the classic safes with the corresponding interior safes, other practical solutions for storing valuables can be found in our webshop. Build-in safes can be integrated into existing office furniture, with lockers and cash boxes for securely storing smaller valuables and cash stocks, and keys can be safely housed in specially equipped key boxes. A drawer safe can also be used as a cash drawer, and for storing files and documents, there are valuables safes as well as securely lockable suspension file cabinets. Emergency break glass key boxes complete the range. Set the highest standards in security for your company and protect your most valuable possessions. KAISER+KRAFT can offer you the right safes and security cupboards for your individual requirements.
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