Safety knives, film cutters

Cutting, slitting, piercing, severing... that sounds macabre, doesn't it? Not if you own one of our film cutters. You simply use it. This easy-to-guide cutting device is not only small, practical and safe, but also make removing packaging material child's play – even plastics and leather won't be a problem.

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Film cutters and safety knives: a cut above the rest

Whether they’re used in goods receipt or in the mailroom: the film cutters and safety knives from the online shop at KAISER+KRAFT will ensure that your employees have the optimal tools at hand. Parcels have to be opened before the contents can be checked and put into storage: unwrapping stretch film from the pallet, removing parcel tape, opening cardboard – often hundreds of times a day. Our cutters will make this a safe and time-saving process.

Safely increase the speed: film cutters and safety knives

Where blades are used for cutting, safety is rule number one – and we follow it. The blades set in the handle of the safety knife protect the user’s hand when making cuts, even for left-handed users. The film cutters with an integrated tape cutter also help prevent injuries, and the blade is ideal for film and paper. Do you place value on ergonomics? The safety knife with an ergonomic handle has a whole host of clever product features. Perfect handling, non-slip coating and an ultra-sharp ceramic blade suitable for cutting different materials: from cardboard to carpets to plastics and leather. Particularly clever: the cutting blade of the steel safety knife never remains extended – automatic blade retraction makes this possible.

Cheaper by the dozen – and better for the business

Some of our cutters are disposable products and are subject to punishing use. Still, every one of your warehouse workers will want to be optimally equipped. That’s why we sell our quality products in sets. Depending on the model and design, they come in packs of 5, 10 or 25 pieces each, for example. This pays off in several ways, because keeping them in stock saves money and time – and is better for the nerves. For example, by avoiding running low on indispensable tools. Speaking of materials, do you have other packaging needs? The goods you are shipping need to be shrink wrapped? We recommend keeping a sufficient stock of shrink film on hand. Looking for other solutions for the mailing department, shipping and storage? Take a look around our online shop. At KAISER+KRAFT, the range of products to choose from is huge. Are you looking for something special? Talk to us, we are there for you.

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