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Pedestal desks

Take a deep breath. Concentrate. And let's go! Each speech, every address is a minor challenge that needs to be overcome. Isn't is great that you can rely on our lecterns and pedestal desks? Being height adjustable, having a large top surface and boasting all sort of other features, they're guaranteed to make your next conference or presentation a resounding success!
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6 items found
Lecterns for presentations and moderation
Anyone who has to hold a speech will quickly notice how important suitable pedestal desks, lecterns or flip charts are for a well-received presentation. Our webshop has lecterns for presentations and information events in all sorts of contexts that impress with an attractive appearance and flexible use. Pedestal desks that are height adjustable can be adapted to anyone's height. Integrated lighting helps to read a manuscript without making mistakes even in poorly lit rooms. Desks are available that allow the surface to be tilted to differing degrees. Individual lecterns are also equipped with an adjustable angle of inclination. Whether at employee meetings, public events or customer appointments: when the presentation material is appropriate, then a successful presentation before audiences big and small becomes much easier. This is why the use of flip charts, projectors and other aids are also recommended. If preferred, the closed front of a lectern can be adorned with the company logo, the motto of the event, or all sorts of other information. If the lectern has castors to make it mobile, then set-up is quick and easy, and its position in the room can be varied as needed.

Pedestal desks and lecterns for all different occasions
Pedestal desks can also assume an important function at press briefings, conferences or in the reception area of a company. Depending on the occasion, desks with a translucent design, or with a closed front panel, are recommended. By adapting the style of the lectern to the respective premises, a harmonious overall impression can be made. Inform yourself about the extensive product range offered by KAISER+KRAFT and all the different pedestal desks it has to choose from, and find lecterns online that represent your company in the sophisticated way it deserves.
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