magnetoplan – CINEROLL CRANK projection screen 1:1 format

magnetoplan – CINEROLL CRANK projection screen, 1:1 format, HxW 1800 x 1800 mm
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Product description
Manually operated projection screen:
– VMS mounting bracket for direct wall/ceiling mounting, one each at the right and left and flexibly adjustable over a length of 50 cm.
– Solid housing with crank operation. The crank handle holder on the screen housing is equipped with a magnetic coupling that makes operation easier.
– Connecting rod can be removed to prevent unauthorised use.
– Trapezoid slat bar retracts fully into the housing, ideal for installation or for suspended ceilings.
– Automatic limit when extending and retracting to guarantee the screen has a long life span.
– The matt white, diffusively reflective screen surface guarantees a uniform impression of brightness for all viewers in accordance with DIN 19045 Type D. Light density factor approx. 1.
– The quality of the projection textile ensures the projection screen hangs flat, and therefore provides a good picture quality.
Technical data
Screen format1 : 1
Wheel fittingswithout castors