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Making cleaning up easier.
The waste collection trolleys in this category provide clear advantages: no heavy lifting, and faster progress with the work. Large waste sacks with a large fill capacity can be fastened to a sack holder ring within seconds. Together with gripping tongs and collection prongs, work can not only be done faster, but also more ergonomically. Bending is yesterday, and that's just as well, because without all the productive garbage collectors on public squares, in parks and event spaces, things would quickly look very untidy, dirty and uninviting. This work is much more relaxed when you've got a waste collection trolleys.

Waste collection trolleys – keeping things turning.
Our waste collection trolleys have castors and wheels that run smoothly. These are generally pneumatic tyres that are particularly easy to move outdoors and provide good shock absorption on uneven surfaces. Whether a small waste caddy or large collection trolley, their kerb weight is relatively low so that the trolley doesn't get too heavy, even once it is full. All in all, waste collection trolleys are indispensable for street cleaning and waste removal because they go easy on employees and speed up work flows. Thumbs up!

Waste collection trolleys

Collecting waste in large offices or over extensive outdoor areas? Inconceivable without our waste collection trolleys, waste caddies and cleaning trolleys. Faster, more flexible, more ergonomic, more comfortable... the practical waste collectors can offer you a whole range of benefits when collecting and removing rubbish and waste. See for yourself!
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