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Industrial stools, anti-fatigue stools

This is where you can hunker down: anti-fatigue stools and industrial stools provide plenty of mobility and free space in confined workplaces or when your job requires extra flexibility. These clever products will take you from left to right, upwards and downwards – in fact, wherever you, or your boss, wants you to go.
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108 items found
Industrial stools, anti-fatigue stools
Industrial stools and anti-fatigue stools provide a convenient place to sit and get on with work more comfortably in all sorts of different work environments. Industrial stools are even more flexible and mobile when castors are affixed to the stools. They are also available as stable stools with a solid base. Anti-fatigue stools allow the seat to be rotated and pivoted, ensuring easy mobility and ergonomic advantages. Infinite height adjustment is used to increase comfort while seated and allows the seat to be adapted to the stature of the respective employee. When industrial stools with castors are used, making a selection to suit the existing floor covering is recommended. Castors can be optimised for industrial flooring, carpeted floors and other types of floors. Load-dependent stool castors with brakes are particularly practical for everyday use. Affixing a tool tray to the base of the stool can also be very useful. When working to provide services such as haircuts or when working on an assembly line, where every movement needs to be perfectly coordinated, these stools with a tray are perfect. Whether an industrial stool made of metal, anti-fatigue stools or, for example, a wooden footstool is preferred is ultimately decided by the intended use and the existing premises. The applicable safety regulations such as fire safety regulations must, however, be observed. Anti-fatigue stools that have been designed with a folding frame allow space saving interim storage when the stools are not being used in the same place all the time. With versions in aluminium, stainless steel or other materials, the right stool can be found to suit requirements related to weight and stability, ensuring they fulfil the specific expectations of them. The anti-fatigue stools can be selected with or without foot rests.

Industrial stools, stools and table for efficient work
Industrial stools and anti-fatigue stools make work processes easier, and provide the opportunity to sit or stand in alternation and can be adapted to individual requirements. The stools and anti-fatigue stools can be optimally combined with other products from the range. Of course, you will also find work tables at KAISER+KRAFT suitable for the various industrial stools and anti-fatigue stools. This allows you to create an ideal workplace environment when setting up for the first time, one which ensures you can concentrate at work. In the same way, the large variety of industrial stools and anti-fatigue stool models also makes subsequent enhancement of existing work tables and worktops possible as well. Put together your high quality company furnishings from the products in the KAISER+KRAFT online shop now.


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