CEMO Pumps

CEMO pumps – keep up with the flow

Whether petrol or diesel, chemicals, lubricants or just water, there's always something flowing in the factory. CEMO pumps feature digital meters and simple operation to ensure you'll always know what's going on. The flow meter for electric pumps provides exact and reliable results in relation to the volume used, and the data is easy to read on the tank gauge on the CEMO pump. Depending on the viscosity of the material flowing, and therefore the pump technology required, you should, however, put some thought into the properties of the CEMO pump. Most of them are made of plastic, because this makes the pumps highly robust, hygienic and low wearing.

“CEMO for safe storage” – a pioneer in the transport and storage container technology sector which customers have been relying on for 50 years. The pumps made by CEMO reflect the standards maintained by the company, which aim to provide reliably safe solutions for hazardous goods storage. The German market leader makes sure it offers both traditional and customer-specific professional solutions.