Waste bins, ashtrays

Waste lying around outdoors? It doesn't have to be this way! Equip your outdoor areas with waste bins and ashtrays, and take up the fight against rubbish!

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Waste bins and outdoor ashtrays

Taking a break outdoors is most satisfying when the weather is good. But what should be done with the chewing gum wrappers or the cigarette butts? Outdoor bins and ashtrays from kaiserkraft will ensure that outdoor areas and public grounds remain clean year round.

Waste collectors and ashtrays for outdoor areas

Rubbish often accumulates in smokers' corners, next to bench seats or under refuges. To make sure it lands in the right container, you can purchase recycling bins and outdoor ashtrays from us in different variations, starting with high-capacity large waste bins. Our waste sack holders can be positioned as free-standing units, or be affixed to a wall to save space, just like our ashtrays can. They are available as unobtrusive wall ashtrays for smokers' corners, slim pedestal ashtrays for entrance areas and pedestal ashtrays with a roof of their own for unsheltered areas. Or kill two birds with one stone and choose a combination ashtray, which unites an ashtray and rubbish bin in one and the same unit.

Incidentally: To ensure that your outdoor areas are not only clean, but also safe, all ashtrays from kaiserkraft are fireproof. Flame extinguishing models will ensure no-one will be bothered by unwelcome smoke.

Do the environment a favour – waste separation with the right waste collectors

The right wheelie bin will ensure that the separation of waste functions properly both indoors and outdoors. Recyclable waste collectors with lids or waste sacks in different colour provide an immediate indication of which container refuse belongs in, and which one holds paper. Dollies with castors make it easier to dispose of the rubbish. And if a clean-up campaign becomes necessary despite the waste collectors, then there's no need to set off with a rubbish sack slung over your shoulder. After all, we also stock waste caddies and litter pickers. This will ensure everything is clean again in no time, and without giving you a bad back.

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