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Upstanding, steadfast, robust, attractive and intelligent. Everything you would need in a industrial shelving unit. For files and pallets. For office and warehouse. As a modular system or individual system. We offer you many individual solutions that harmonise with your in-company organisation and the layout of your rooms.

Industrial Shelving units: you too can master the art of storage!

Let's play a mind game: would you actually be able to work properly in a company that has no shelving systems? Probably not. After all, by shelving inventory to keep it organised, you're satisfying all the requirements of workflow planning, logistics and safety. And because these aspects are so important, we've devoted all our energy to exploring all facets of the topic of shelving systems in our Storage product category.

What do I need to observe when equipping my storage facility with shelving systems?

Even though our shelving systems are highly versatile, the requirements of the individual goods for storage always determines the type of shelving units that you should install in your warehouse:

  • Cantilever racking units are indispensable for very long objects such as planks of wood or pipes.

  • Heavy duty shelving units are not only suitable for storing goods with a high dead weight, but also for keeping many smaller goods in storage, which only weigh more once they accumulate.

  • Pallet racking units do exactly what their name suggests, while also offering the advantage of allowing you to pallet and sort goods into place directly upon delivery or when ready for shipment – without any intermediate steps.

What's true of the warehouse also applies in the office: there's the right office shelf unit for every object.

Which regulations apply for safeguarding the shelving systems?

Currently there are no laws stating you must have shelf safeguarding in place, but there is guidance. Fro HSE and the EU.

  • The HSE guide HSG76 states that: Where racking is likely to be struck by lift trucks and other vehicles, it should be protected.

  • EN15629 states that: in determining the minimum requirement for aisle and gangway widths, consideration should be given for provision of effective upright protection.

How do I find the ideal middle ground between standardisation and specific requirements for shelving systems?

In particular when there is limited storage space available you will want to be able to use the shelving site as efficient and flexible as possible. However, not every item can be stored safely according to the book.

We have more than just shelf units for special goods to cater to these requirements. You can also rely on our experience: for example, we had the privilege of realising a project to set up the full storage shelving equipment for the company Vishay Electronic, and also worked on the remarkable ''Underwater shelving'' project as well.

When working on these projects, our project managers are always guided by some fundamental key questions:

  • Which goods take up the most space in the storage facility?

  • What are the goods like in terms of dimensions, weight and storage requirements?

  • How are they conveyed to the shelf unit and removed from it again?

  • Which goods are used frequently, which ones are rarely used?

  • How are these goods transported from A to B within the storage facility?

Shelving unit manufacturers usually suggest equipping a storage facility with standard shelving units whenever possible, as they are suitable for different types of use and are easy to convert and retrofit.

However, as soon as the requirements you have of shelving systems differ from the standards, and you are looking for the most efficient means of storage possible, then it's worth consulting our CAD planning service.

What are the inspection requirements?

It is a legal requirement of a company to carry out a SEMA racking inspection during installation or re-engineering of their racking. You are also required to annually assess the working safety of all racking units. These protect both your company and your employees.

How else can we help you along?

We're happy to respond to any questions about shelving systems and optimal storage equipment you may have. And all you have to do is contact us. We're happy to help you master the art of storage.

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