By no means a side issue: stylish sideboards are true space-saving miracles in the office and can effortlessly fulfil a wide variety of roles. Say hello to your new room divider, your new countertop, your new favourite item of furniture!

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Sideboards: a key player on the sidelines

Even the most attractive office furniture starts to become domineering once it reaches a certain size. The larger the cupboard or shelf, the more likely it is to overwhelm a room. Sideboards don’t cause problems like these. On the contrary. The key players on the office sidelines not only help you in terms of storage space and helping prevent clutter.

What do sideboards do in the office?

Sideboards are not only functional chests of drawers. The low-profile storage solutions also stand out due to their excellent use of space in the smallest possible floor space. With sliding doors instead of hinged ones and lockable drawers, they are more than just a complement to a desk, office chair and filing cupboard.

  • ...make small offices appear visually larger.

  • not require a swing radius in front of the sideboard as a sliding door cupboard.

  • ...calm a room with clear, restrained design.

  • ...create additional storage and presentation space on top.

  • ...can be used as a countertop and as a room divider.

  • ...provide convenient access to files and office materials.

Some of our sideboards from top-class manufacturers such as C+P, mauser or our own brand EUROKRAFTpro have a name that indicates how multifunctional they are. Other models impress with additional details such as sound absorbing acoustic fronts and rear panels, versatile castor and foot concepts or a particularly low height. Either way, office sideboards with drawers, cupboard modules and the like are ideally suited to taking the place of conventional cupboard-desk-chair concepts in the office.

Furnishing the office with sideboards – what do I need to observe?

The first and most important thing to consider when furnishing an office is a desk and an ergonomic office chair. In addition, there are precise regulations that define the free space or radius of action that each workplace must offer an employee. Base your calculations on around eight to ten square metres of total space per workplace.

This means that you only choose the sideboards, filing cabinets, mobile drawer units and other storage solutions once you have planned the heart of the office. In doing so, ensuring a uniform design has a decisive influence on whether the working environment is harmonious.

In general, your calculations for the space required for storage in the office should not be too generous. Even if files and paper are still necessary, too much office furniture tempts people to hoard (unsorted) items. This makes the room look more crowded and cluttered than it needs to be. It is better to use less furniture, instead focusing on specifically chosen items. Place them in a way that ensures the contents can be removed from the associated workstation with one motion.

Would you like to kill two birds with one stone? In an open-plan office, for example, place two identical sideboards back-to-back and create an island for conversations, short stand-up meetings or a coffee maker.

We are always available for ingenious tips on how to choose the perfect furnishings. For your questions, too, of course. Feel free to contact us or let us advise you on your office planning right away.