Time and attendance recording

A professional solution for today's time management: an electronic time and attendance recording device. Arrivals and departure times are noted exact to the second, along with breaks, by the time and attendance recording device.

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Time and attendance recording: a positive balance for companies and employees

Time is money – nowhere does this fact of life matter more than for your business. Precise recording of the hours worked is the basic prerequisite for ensuring that the returns from the operative business stay in the black. Not only will you, as a company, profit from comprehensive records of working hours – your employees will also benefit when every hour worked is registered properly and can therefore be accounted for correctly. The tools you need for time and attendance recording can be found in the range of products offered by kaiserkraft.

Size doesn't matter – punch in clocks for medium-sized businesses and corporations

While the clock ticks at the same speed for businesses both big and small, recording it is associated with varying levels of time and money according to the number of employees. This is why we offer the right solution for companies of every size: if you're a medium-sized enterprise with 50 employees who receive wages based on an hourly rate? Even an inexpensive electronic punch clock from the online shop maintained by kaiserkraft will allow you to check working hours and breaks taken, and this exact to the second, without being dependent on maintenance or service provided by the manufacturer. On the other hand, large companies will profit by using these services when they really are required – the key word being digitalisation. Fully electronic data recording within the framework of integrated accounting systems therefore saves time, manpower and resources. And money as well. And yet there are other reasons that make them worth investing in: together with our high quality products, you are also purchasing additional security. Because only those who are registered the system are granted access to your company premises.

Functional, variable – and cool: time and attendance recording devices as office equipment accessories

It doesn't matter if there are 200 employees, or 2,000: our compact complete systems from Timemoto with a wall outlet and the latest TFT display are designer elements that harmonise with any office equipment and every workplace. Your employees only need to take the occasional glance at the clock to ensure their own personal time management is right on schedule. And this is why we, at kaiserkraft, offer an wide range of attractive wall clocks in different sizes and made of different materials – from a cool clock that reflects the corporate image to a hi-tech but timeless timekeeper. You'll be glad to know that we deliver our products to your address free of charge, with a guaranteed 30-day right of return. Do you have any questions? Give us a call!

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