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Time and attendance recording

Do you record your employees' work hours using Excel, with time sheets or even using a time recording clock? A professional solution for the latest in time management: an electronic time and attendance calculation device. The time and attendance recording device records arrival and departure times, as well as breaks, exact to the second.
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10 items found
Time and attendance recording
Proper time and attendance recording is indispensable for a company. Not just the employer, but also the employee profits from correct time and attendance recording. Using a suitable time and attendance recording device, recording the attendance by employees can be carried out without any great effort. What used to be a punch clock has become a time and attendance recording device in modern parlance – and something every well functioning business needs. Time recording has modernised rapidly over the years, and many of today's time and attendance recording devices function using electronics. Installing these devices requires consistent checks and maintenance by the supplier. Prospective customers should weigh up costs and benefits. As an access control device, electronic time and attendance recording also increases safety, as unauthorised persons will find that the doors remain closed. The time clock that uses a punch on paper almost seems nostalgic when compared to the electronic model. Nevertheless, one of these simple devices can make a company better organised, and third party maintenance will not be required in this case. No minutes will be lost when a good time and attendance recording device is used, nor will hours still to be worked be forgotten. A very practical investment for a company and its employees.

Your working time, and our service
This online shop offers time recording devices made by suppliers known for their quality and the necessary know how. A time registration system involving one single device used by up to 50 persons represents a functional solution for medium-sized companies without generating high costs. The compact units are not conspicuous in amongst all the other office equipment, but do their job in time management reliably. When it comes to wages paid by the hour in particular, a time clock is an adequate solution for recording working hours. Saving time also saves you cash, which is why you will find the corresponding accessories for staff time recording, like a radio signal boosters or main adapters are also available in the product range offered by KAISER+KRAFT. All products ordered are delivered free of charge, and are covered by a 30-day right of return. A service that isn't offered everywhere. Choose the devices you need for time recording, and choose the generous and convenient service offered by KAISER+KRAFT.
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