Cable covers

You’ll need them on construction sites, at concerts, and industrial areas. Our heavy duty cable protectors are sturdy and robust, providing cable protection in high-traffic areas, with options capable of withstanding heavy vehicles, including forklift trucks and lorries. Cable covers and hose ducts can also be used to increase safety in your workplace, preventing trips and nasty accidents.

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Use cable covers to banish tripping hazards

When wires cross high-traffic routes or footpaths, the risk of accidents and tripping increases significantly. The solution to this problem is to conceal cables and hoses under cable covers and ducting. This makes working spaces and environments much safer and tidier, with cabling neatly grouped together.

Our cable covers are made of high quality rubber and are easy to install, compatible with a wide range of cables, to offer the ideal solution for any office or industrial environment. They’re easy to clean and maintain, too, so you can keep them looking pristine for years to come.

Important things to consider when it comes to cable protection

Look around your company premises to understand where cables are routed along certain paths. Consider which transport equipment or vehicles drive over them. Ensuring you have heavy duty cable protectors that can withstand this type of pressure is crucial.

Within our range of cable guards and hose ducts, we have many options available, all of which have been designed for use in indoor and outdoor areas, with heavy duty cable protectors available that can be driven over by vehicles, as well as products to secure cables and hoses on footpaths and in office corridors.

Cable covers and hose ducts offer more than just protection

As well as cable protection, our cable covers have so much more to offer and can be used in a variety of ways.

Slow down vehicles with cable covers

For outdoor areas in particular, warehouse barriers and security bollards can be used in conjunction with cable ducting to force drivers to slow down and maintain traffic safety.

Guide people and traffic with cable protection

Cable covers with markings can be used to complement your existing guidance system, indicating where people can and should go, at the same time as helping to divide your company premises into different zones.

If you have any questions or need help finding the right cable ducts, hose ducts, and cable protection for your business, get in touch with our customer service team.