Window cleaning

Bleak prospects at work? Let some light in! You'll find products and tools for window cleaning, from microfibre cloths and washers to professional window cleaning agents.

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Window cleaning tools – keep things in perspective

Window cleaning without streaking and smudging? Use products from kaiserkraft to maintain your line of vision.

Why regular window cleaning makes a big difference

Imagine entering a room with windows so dirty that they barely let any daylight in. Then imagine the same room flooded with light, with clean windows. Can you feel the difference? Your employees will be able to feel it too. Clean windows lift the spirits and prevent fatigue. And clean glass has outward benefits too – after all, a clean façade makes a good impression.

How often you should clean windows

There is no generally valid rule for this, but there is a rule of thumb to use for orientation: around 4 to 6 times a year is a good average. How often window cleaning actually needs to be done depends, among other things, on how dirty the air is both outside and inside, and the extent to which windows are exposed to the weather. In the case of shop windows, an unobstructed view has a direct impact on sales. They'll want to be cleaned weekly.

Window cleaning works best with this tool

Office buildings or production facilities with large and high glass façades are a case for professional window cleaners. However, by having your employees clean smaller panes of glass themselves, you'll save money. One prerequisite is having the right equipment for window cleaning.

You'll find that we've got everything you need for sparkling results:

  • Microfibre cloths for quick removal of dust and dirt

  • Washers to distribute the cleaning liquid over the windows

  • Squeegees to wipe off dirt and cleaning liquid thoroughly

  • Telescopic rods for greater reach and working without straining your back

  • Window cleaning agents for professional demands, better than any conventional glass cleaning agents

  • Glass scrapers for gently removing stubborn residue

Would you rather have a complete set of equipment? At kaiserkraft everything is also available as a full package. Take a look at our window cleaning sets.

Keep things spic and span with our products for cleaning

Cleanliness and tidiness is a big concern for us. This is why we don't just offer products for cleaning glass and frames. Whether brooms or sweeping machines, high pressure cleaners, industrial cleaning agents, air purifiers or vacuum cleaners, our range of products for cleaning and sanitary requirements includes almost everything you could ever need to win the battle against dust and dirt. Our industrial cleaning guide will help you with your search.

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