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Full body protection at work – your safety has utmost priority. You can find your new outfit for work right here: functional, comfortable and modern.

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Occupational health and safety is a blessing and a curse. A safe workplace, safe work equipment and safe work clothing have utmost priority. And they all ensure your employees feel protected at work. Aside from this, as an employer, you are also obliged to guarantee a certain standard of safety for your workers. These standards are defined by the ''Act on the Implementation of Measures of Occupational Safety and Health to Encourage Improvements in the Safety and Health Protection of Workers at Work'', or labour protection laws (in German: ArbSchG). The work environment, for example, must therefore be structured in a way that ensures it presents no, or only a minimal, risk to the mental and physical well-being of the employees. Furthermore, you also have to pay attention to maintaining state-of-the-art technology and hygiene practices when implementing occupational health and safety measures. Of course, adequate first aid should be available at all times.

Properly equipped – with safety

Obviously, we're not actually telling you anything you didn't already know, as you are perfectly aware of how to ensure work stays safe at your company, and you're also likely to be aware of which products you need for that. What sort of added value can we offer you when it comes to workplace safety? You'll find the answer in our range of products... no, the answer is, in fact, our range of products. We have the best workplace safety products for your company. And we've just about everything you could think of to keep you protected at work. There are categories to suit all sorts of requirements: work clothing is also complemented by work gloves and safety shoes. There is also breathing, eye and hearing protection for particularly demanding workplaces. And of course you can find welding protection in our product range too. And should something actually go wrong despite all these precautions, we also have all the resources you need for first aid for you in stock.

Comfortable, healthy and a real looker

Do you feel better when workplace safety is just right? Of course you do! All the better when the protective clothing isn't just functional, but also comfortable. This is why we have looked around for work clothing that is produced from friendly-to-wear materials to ensure they feel good on the body and, above all, for your skin. This ensures employees are happy and the workplace atmosphere is relaxed. We place a big emphasis on quality too: we offer occupational safety products that have undergone regular testing for harmful substances. And what else do you need to feel good in your work clothing? Of course, it can offer a bit of sex appeal as well: sporty designs, well-fitting cuts paired with optimum freedom of movement – we've got eye-catchers like this on offer for you too! Just click your way in!

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