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You can also deliver authoritative speeches in the workshop and warehouse: if you want to give your employees instructions, then you need a pedestal desk or a workshop desk. You'll be seen. You'll be heard. And these desks have even more to offer: space for storage, mobility, and organisation.

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Pedestal desks and workshop desks – a hub of flexible administration

What a well organised workshop or production area needs space for is, above all, machines, goods, and your employees – and in the case of the latter, space for them to move around. Desks or built-in office areas are difficult to accommodate in a practical way – so it’s just as well that you don’t need to, because workshop desks and pedestal desks allow you to carry out typical administrative tasks virtually anywhere.

What are workshop desks used for?

Even in the digital age, contracts, packing lists and order documents are often needed on paper. Neatly sorted in file folders, these documents are most safely stored in a workshop desk.

The angle of the work surfaces of the desks ensures that it is comfortable to read and write at them, while also providing a perfect base for digital tools such as tablets or smartphones. Compartments and drawers provide storage for any writing utensils or office materials that you need.

Depending on the model, robust mobile pedestals made of sheet steel can also be used as a mobile workbench in which tools and small accessories can be kept ready for the task at hand.

There is, however, a lot more that workshop desks and pedestal desks can do. Do you need a table trolley that can be used anywhere, where you can work and write at the same time? Are you looking for versatile media desks for presenting and moderating? Then you’re bound to find something in our product range.

In which models are pedestal desks available?

Our range of products for workshop and industry caters to any number of different requirements. By principle, you can choose between stationary and mobile pedestal desks with smooth running wheels and castors.

Moreover, there are models available with open storage shelves or lockable cupboards. The cupboard elements are particularly good at protecting paper from dust, dirt or flying sparks – a safety aspect that should not be neglected.

Depending on what you need for the job, you can choose between desks with large number of, or only a few, drawers and compartments, and you can order them in a wide range of sizes.

What is the particular advantage of mobile workstations?

A mobile workstation is never in the way, never takes up too much space, and is always right there when you need it. This often means you’ll need one less office at the company, because any administrative work can be done right at the production station or workplace. Moreover, studies have shown that writing while standing is the healthier alternative to sitting. A mobile workstation allows you to put this advantage to good use, because you can adapt the desk position to your suit preferred working position using the castors.

Ultimately, a (mobile) desk always helps to keep the workplace well organised. This also applies to other products from our range – for example, perforated panel systems that can be secured to the wall. We would be happy to advise you about them!

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