Desks with electric height adjustment

People used to say: a rolling stone gathers no moss. These days, though, everyone who works an eight-plus hour day in an office knows: if you sit down, you've lost. The solution? Height adjustable desks. It's this easy to turn a sit-down desk into a stand-up desk. A pioneer when it comes to ergonomics... or should we say an ''ergonomic manager''? If you'd like to have more information, you'll find all the advantages of height adjustable desks in a summary here.

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Sit Stand desks – Keeping you moving

Today, sitting at work is considered good manners. No wonder that almost every third adult is regularly plagued by back pain. The only thing that helps is to ensure a healthy posture when sitting and to stand up more often. With height-adjustable desks from kaiserkraft both are possible.

Why height-adjustable?

After all, a normal desk at the right height is enough, isn't it? The catch: The correct height changes – for example with the type of work or the setting of the office chair.

Also, your employees must remain seated with a conventional desk. With a standing/sitting workstation, they can also process e-mails while standing. Sounds tiring but feels good and is healthy. This is because regular exercise at work stimulates the cardiovascular system and prevents back pain. This allows your employees to concentrate better on their work and have fewer days off. A classic win-win situation.

How do you adjust height-adjustable desks?

Manually by crank or electrically. With electric desks, one push of a button is all it takes to adjust the position infinitely. So even spontaneous position changes are no problem. Some desks also have a memory position. In this way you can store several favourite heights – very practical for frequent ups and downs.

What characteristics should you pay attention to?

Height-adjustability is one consideration. You also have further choices:

  • Manual or electric: Manually height-adjustable desks are a cost-effective option. Electric motors provide convenience, especially with additional functions such as memory buttons.

  • Dimensions: Pedestal desks are available from kaiserkraft in various sizes, from compact and space-saving to particularly generous.

  • Shape: The classic rectangle is not ideal for your needs? Then choose a free-form desk or, for example, linked workdesks.

  • Extras: A cable tray is ideal for a tidy workplace. A bubble-end extension creates additional space for small meetings.

  • Appearance: The exterior is also important. To enable your new height-adjustable desk to cut a fine figure in its surroundings, we can provide you with desks in an elegant design and various colours, from maple finish to light grey and white.

What other accessories contribute to an ergonomic workplace?

The best desk only unfolds its full effect in combination with a good chair. This is why you will find a particularly large selection of chairs in our shop, from industrial stools and anti-fatigue stools to office chairs with castors. Mobile pedestals are especially suitable for storage directly at the height-adjustable desk. Office furniture such as cupboards and shelves offer even more storage space.

Finally, a tip – or even two: Observe valid guidelines for workplace equipment and if you don't know what to do, simply ask us. We will be happy to help you with your selection.

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