Buckets are always a necessary item that it pays to have plenty of, whether for professional cleaners, food technicians or tradesmen. After all, nothing beats a universal container – and not only when cleaning. In this category, you will find plastic buckets with or without lids, food-safe or flame retardant buckets made of plastic, stainless steel or sheet steel – and of course all cleaning utensils needed by businesses and commercial enterprises.

In the category Buckets we offer you products of the following brands: Vikan, eurokraft basic, Vermop.

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Buckets: a real all rounder

If you want to have a clean company, you'll need buckets. But plastic buckets, buckets with lids or stainless steel buckets are not only useful items to have as cleaning utensils. These containers are also always ready for use as portable organisational and portioning aids.

Which buckets are there to choose from?

Not only our product range demonstrates that you can expect much more from buckets than just a reliable cleaning utensil. Their material and many extra features mean that buckets can be used for a surprising number of tasks in business and industry:

  • Steel buckets are non-flammable and can hold ashes as well as many liquids and solids until they have cooled down and are ready for disposal.

  • Buckets with lids in various sizes ''portion'' a wide variety of liquids and products. They are ideal for efficient storage: ones with lids can be stacked, while ones without lids can be nested.

  • Food-safe buckets can be used in commercial kitchens or in catering. They keep prepared food and ingredients ready, can store feed in stables and animal care, and much more.

  • Cleaning buckets with a spout, tray or wringer make a great team when paired with mops or utensils for window cleaning.

How do I use buckets for cleaning?

The four colour code for hygienic cleaning: to avoid cross contamination, use different cleaning aids and differently coloured buckets for different cleaning tasks. In general, sanitation professionals opt for plastic buckets in bright primary colours. Cleaning cloths, shovels, etc. are also available in these colours.

  • For hygienically highly sensitive sanitary facilities such as toilets, choose square buckets or round plastic buckets in red.

  • Washrooms and wash areas beyond the toilet are cleaned using yellow buckets that can hold 25 litres or other fill quantities.

  • Items for the kitchen use the colour green. This colour is also recommended for areas where disinfectants are used, such as in care facilities.

  • Blue plastic buckets and cleaning utensils are reserved for offices and hygienically safe surfaces.

To avoid any form of germ transmission, arrange buckets and cleaning aids for specific areas on separate cleaning trolleys of their own.

Of course, this only really makes sense if your cleaners handle more than a few square metres of a particular category. Otherwise, make sure that the cleaning aids are also kept separate when being cleaned, and are stored separately afterwards.

Hygiene in the office or cleanliness and tidiness at the workplace are complex matters, but not complicated. You just need the right products, a few professional tips and, possible, a little help with selecting the right equipment. We are happy to help you with that. Simply contact us now.