Office Equipment

Without the right office equipment, furniture, accessories, and supplies, your commercial space will be empty and very inefficient. Here, you’ll find everything you need to pad out your office, from desk pads, label holders and other essential office supplies, through to artificial plants, wall clocks, and all types of office accessories.

Office equipment for efficiency and comfort

Ensuring your employees have everything they need within reach, along with ample space, bright light, and a comfortable place to work is important. Our range of office equipment and supplies can help you to achieve this. As well as decorative items to breathe life into your office space, we also have a range of ergonomic office accessories, like stand-up desks and office footrests to release tension whilst sitting at the desk. Whatever your employees need to feel comfortable at work, we have within our range of commercial office supplies.

Get things organised with our office accessories

Organisation in the office is key. Without it, important documents will be misplaced or lost easily, making it hard to find exactly what you need, when you need it. Within our range of stationery and office supplies, we have a range of filing systems and desk storage organisers available, which are designed to help you store important documents and keep things organised.

Take your pick from:

  • Sorting trays for desks

  • Sorting cupboards and shelf units

  • Insert card boards for appointment scheduling

  • Organisation and sorting stations with desk

  • Mail distribution cupboards

  • Rotary filing systems

Top tip: before choosing your organisational office accessories, think about how much space you have available in your space. If there’s plenty of room, then a large filing cabinet will work well. However, if space is limited, you may need to look into space-saving solutions, like letter trays or boxes that can be placed on the desktop.

Perform routine jobs quickly with the right office equipment

In the workplace, your employees need all the appropriate office accessories to complete a wide range of tasks, whether verifying or counting banknotes, using labelling devices to organise shelves or cutting paper with a guillotine. The right equipment can help to make these tasks easier, at the same time as reducing the error rate significantly.

For sensitive documents, which need to be disposed of quickly, office paper shredders should be used. Within our range of office equipment, we have shredders with different security levels, which can be used for general and confidential documents. Find out how to find the right document shredder for your needs here.

Add to your office atmosphere with the right furnishings and accessories

Little touches can have a big impact on the ambiance of your office space. Use certain office accessories, like artificial plants, to fill open spaces and add much-needed decoration. They won’t wilt and don’t need watering, which makes them the ideal choice for office spaces.

With so many people in one space, offices can often become stuffy and uncomfortable. Our range of office fans and dehumidifiers can improve indoor air and prevent fine dust from aggravating hayfever and allergy symptoms.

For large, open office spaces, mobile office partitions and room dividers can be used to create separate workspaces. They are an essential part of office equipment, giving employees a quiet place to escape from the hustle and bustle, so they can concentrate on the task at hand.

The right office lamps and lighting

No workplace office equipment is complete without good lighting. The perfect combination of flicker-free office ceiling lights and all-important desk lamps help to keep your employees alert, promoting concentration and preventing eye strain.

Choosing the right office equipment for your business

Whether you have an open plan space on the top floor or a modest basement office, the right office equipment, stationery and office supplies can make all the difference. Use our range to build the perfect working environment for your employees.

If you have questions about our range or you need help choosing the right office accessories for your workplace, we can help you. Speak to our customer service team to find out more.