Box sealing machines

Our gummed tape sealing devices and cardboard box sealing machines can be used to seal a wide range of formats of cardboard packaging one after the other at lightning speed and particularly reliably. Use the environmentally friendly machine and gummed tapes made from paper available from kaiserkraft.

In the category Box sealing machines we offer you products of the following brands: eurokraft basic.

Gummed tapes – for environmentally friendly and secure seals on cardboard boxes

Gummed tape is extremely tear resistant and guarantees particularly secure adhesive seals, as the adhesive activated by moistening the tape bonds to the entire surface of the cardboard, creating a particularly secure seal. This means that the goods you are sending are optimally protected from attempts at tampering with them.

Due to the environmentally friendly materials – the tape is made of paper and the adhesive is made of vegetable glue – the adhesive tape can be disposed of together with the cardboard directly with waste paper and is therefore 100% recyclable. You can use wet adhesive tape to seal boxes made of single fluted to triple fluted cardboard. The strong adhesive integrated into the tape is effective even on dusty surfaces and can therefore also be used in warehouses that cannot be regularly deep cleaned.

Would you like to use your adhesive tapes, available in brown or white, for branding, advertising or sending other messages? This is easy to do, because they can be individually printed with water soluble inks in an environmentally neutral way. Simply contact us by phone, chat or e-mail for more information.

Automatic gummed tape machine – guarantees rapid packing processes

To seal cardboard boxes particularly efficiently and quickly, you should use one of our dispensers. The following gummed tape dispensers are available:

  • Semi-automatic machines for gummed tape – a semi-automatic tape dispenser that is easy to operate with a hand lever. Ideally suited for 40–80 mm wide adhesive tape.

  • Fully automatic gummed dispenser – fatigue free tape dispenser that can be adapted to any packing speed.

  • Fully automatic gummed tape dispenser eurokraft basic – the different operating modes that this gummed tape dispenser features ensure a smooth sealing process. The dispenser makes an impression with its excellent cost-benefit ratio.

Machine adhesive tape – fast seals with high adhesive strength

Do you need a fast acting machine adhesive tape for your cardboard box sealing machine? Our extremely tear resistant adhesive tapes made from PP film can be used with all standard semi-automatic and fully automatic machines. With their high adhesive strength and grip and a length of 990 m, they are easy to unwind and are available with hot melt or natural rubber adhesive in brown or transparent.

Are you looking for a sustainable alternative? Then our silicone and plastic-free monta® paper tape is the perfect solution. Seal your cardboard packaging quickly, securely and in an environmentally friendly way without compromising on adhesive strength and bonding properties.

All our related machine adhesive tape products can also be customised. Please contact us for more details.

Cardboard box sealing machine as two different models

Of course, you will also find a selection of cardboard box sealing machines in our product range, which allow you to easily and securely seal a large number of cardboard boxes in a short time. The following two options are available:

  • Base cardboard box sealing machine: semi-automatic lid and base sealer for fast and precise seals on cardboard boxes of the same size. Manual adjustment of the cardboard box format.

  • Smart sealing machine: semi-automatic machine with automatic cardboard box format adjustment for easy sealing of cardboard boxes of different sizes.

Installation and instruction about machine use is possible upon request. We will be happy to advise you.

The wide product range available from kaiserkraft also offers many other products for storing and sending goods. Whether cardboard boxes, pallets, paper filling systems or packing tables. We offer you complete packaging solutions directly from a single source.

Would you like advice on any product from our entire product range? Then contact us!

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