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Wet room matting

Bacteria and fungi won't have a snowflake's chance in hell when our wet room mats are used. You will find different models for shower rooms, swimming pools and changing rooms here.
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PVC profile matting, per metre
walking surface made of hard PVC, non-slip
from £32.00
from£ / m 32.00
Non-slip matting, PVC
width 600 mm, sold by the metre
£ / m 72.00
Non-slip matting, PVC
width 900 mm, sold by the metre
£ / m 107.00
from £519.00
from£ / m 51.90
Non-slip matting, PVC
width 1200 mm, sold by the metre
£ / m 143.00
from £82.00
from£ / m 82.00
from £649.00
from£ / m 64.90
from £72.00
from£ / m 72.00
from £819.00
from£ / m 81.90
from £99.00
from£ / m 99.00
10 items found
Wet room matting – protection and hygiene when going barefoot
Wet room matting is predominantly used in sanitary areas and in changing rooms at company premises, swimming pools and other sports facilities. Whether a fitness studio, recreational pools or the workplace, the health and satisfaction of customers and employees should take utmost priority when furnishing your wet zones. Wet room matting with an anti-slip function prevents falls and injuries, while an open surface ensures liquid can drain properly and an anti-slip coating on the underside prevents you from slipping along with the mat. Our webshop has far more to offer than just water drainage and slip prevention. Antibacterial wet room matting prevents infections from spreading, and ensures there is no breeding ground for bacteria and germs. Hygiene is, after all, the be all and end all in saunas, spa areas and public pools. By using suitable wet room matting, you will make a responsible and customer-oriented outward impression. A sure-footed and pleasant floor covering also increases their feeling of well-being.

Wet room matting – functional and adaptable
Just like our industrial matting, our wet room matting is available with set dimensions or can be purchased by the metre. When large surfaces and corridors need coverings in particular, then purchasing the right length of matting by the metre is recommended. This ensures the guests at the pool are safely guided from the whirlpool to the snack bar without turning their walk into a slip-and-slide. Browse the range of colours available in our webshop. The colour of wet room matting can also be chosen to match the interior and the overall appearance. Different widths ensure the floor matting can be adapted to the individual conditions in your premises. Along with the typical anti-slip mats and the anti-bacterial floor mats in this category, our online product range also includes temperature resistant and corrosion proof workplace matting which is resistant to chemicals and acids in usual commercial quantities. These mats are often used in production areas and in the workshop as well. Stable floor tiles that can be driven on are often used in other locations, such as car washes. Weather resistance, stability and durability are guaranteed by production that only uses high quality materials. Economically speaking, purchasing high quality wet room matting is always worthwhile. Our floor matting product guide can help you to find the suitable mat for your intended use. Furthermore, our free-of-charge advice is, of course, also available. The wet room mats can be cleaned using commercially available cleaning agents.
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