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Bacteria and fungi won't have a snowflake's chance in hell when our wet room mats are used. You will find different models for shower rooms, swimming pools and changing rooms here.

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Non-slip mat, wet room matting: No sliding section in sight

If bare feet meet damp and smooth floors, the risk of accidents is high. This is no different in the changing room at work than in the bathroom at home. As a responsible employer, you equip all such areas with non-slip matting. These prevent an unwanted sliding part and also do a lot for the health of the employees.

How are wet room mats classified?

You should be familiar with DIN 51097 for optimum washroom equipment in the company. This standard divides floor coverings into three evaluation groups (A, B, C) according to their slip resistance. For areas where people walk barefoot and water can be on the floor, Category C wet room mats are the right choice.

If you want to provide even more anti-slip protection in the social room furnishings, we recommend mats Levels A or B, for example in front of cloakroom benches in the changing area. This ensures that the employees always have a secure footing when changing and dressing – regardless of the type of floor.

What are the advantages of wet room matting?

As with all our industrial mats, we also ensure that wet room mats are as flexible as possible in their adaptability to the requirements of the company. This is why you receive the mats in individually cut lengths. Thanks to a special undercoating, many products do not require any additional fastening to remain securely in place.

With our floor matting guide you can identify the special characteristics of each product variant at a glance and also see what you should pay attention to when making your selection.

What are antibacterial wet room mats for?

Athlete's foot and similar diseases spread especially where many people frequently shower or bathe. This of course often occurs in the changing rooms in workshops and industry.

Antibacterial mats are the right choice to effectively control the spread. They have a special coating that combats spores and bacteria. Also, these mats quickly convey moisture away from the surface and allow it to run off. These mats thus deprive the unpleasant pathogens of any basis for life.

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