Transport Trolleys

There's always something to do! And there's always something to move from A to B. Heavy loads, drinks, packages, tools, product orders, and so on and so forth. You'll find everything you need to make heavy loads lighter right here, from handy office trolleys and transport trucks to stylish serving trolleys and tool trolleys, and even wheelbarrows.

Transport Trolleys & Carts

Even if the philosophy ''getting there is all the fun'' is perfectly justified, it's not true for everyday operations, is it? Because transporting things from A to B is not the time to be admiring how attractive your warehouse or office corridors are.

Our transport product category instead focuses on a basic logistical requirement: having the right thing in the right place at the right time. And this with as little effort, as few aches and pains, and the lowest risk of accidents as possible. Not only do we always have the right transport trolleys for you, but we also have practical accessories such as an electric drive to retrofit among our product range.

A full load? Not a problem for our transport trolleys!

Whether you're looking for a QUIPO platform trolley for the archive or a sturdy EUROKRAFT assembly trolley for the production area – our product range will get things moving at your company.

Speaking of which: why it's always worth taking a really close look when it comes to wheels is explained in our ''Wheels and castors'' purchasing guide. After all, the load bearing capacity of your assembly trolley, for example, isn't the only thing that matters. It all needs to be smooth running, resistant to wear and able to be transported with great brake performance.

And because there's always room for improvement, even in logistics, we use the EUROKRAFTpro platform trolley, for example, to demonstrate that a high load bearing capacity and ecologically balanced and environmentally friendly production can be perfectly reconciled.

Until teleportation is ready for the mass market, keep your transport logistics moving in the company with our range of clever products. High quality platform and assembly transport trolleys, for example ones made by Kongamek and QUIPO, will ensure your work remains mobile.

You don't need more mobility? As if!

We at kaiserkraft think that castors make everything easier. And our range of flexible and modern equipment for industry, workshop and office is proof of this.

Why go on a time-consuming search for materials and tools when service and order picking trolleys are by your side? Why search through the shelves for resources when the shelf unit could be a shelf truck that can come to you?

Our wheeled bases and transport dollies show that there's no real reason to go to any particular effort. And when it comes to mobility, our roll containers are in a class of their own.

Do you want to get things rolling, but still need to a bit of help to get started? Then give us a call!

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