In the interests of people and the environment, the greatest possible diligence and caution is required when handling hazardous substances. This also applies for emptying, refilling and filling liquids like chemicals, acids or alkalis. This is where a professional is needed – for example, our special pumps that ensure maximum safety when handling hazardous liquids.

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Pumps – operated by electricity, compressed air or by hand

If you'd like to empty a drum quickly and down to the last drop, then tip it over. In theory, at least. In practice, this method is neither safe nor recommended. If the liquid contained by the drum is hazardous to health and to the environment, then pumps from kaiserkraft are the better alternative. They make refilling and filling liquids from canisters, drums or tank containers not only safe, but also convenient.

What pumps are needed for

A number of substances and mixtures present an environmental hazard even in small quantities. This is why the health & safety

executives recommend

that they be stored in suitable hazardous goods containers and are secured by sump trays. There are also strict regulations governing refilling and filling. Our pumps satisfy all the current safety standards and reliably prevent even a single drop from being spilled. Prerequisite is that you decide on the right pump. And we're happy to help you with that.

This is how to find the right pump

Do you think of backbreaking work when someone says ''pump''? You should say farewell to this word association. Our electric pump sets only need to be connected and started up by pressing a button. The rest of the work more or less takes care of itself. You don't even have to wait for very long. Delivery rates of 80 litres and more per minute ensure that. And that's every bit as convenient as it sounds.

What's important is that the pump is designed for the liquid you are pumping. You'll find that our shop has pumps for:

  • Chemicals, acids and alkalis

  • Diesel fuel and heating oil

  • Low viscosity alkalis, sodium hydroxide, potassium hydroxide, ammonia, formic acid, acetic acid

  • Low viscosity oil and diesel

  • Water based liquids, lubricants and mineral oils

You can narrow down your search by using the filter function in our online shop. The same applies for the pump design. After all, it needs to be suitable for the container.

When it comes to pumps, this is why a distinction is made between
  • small container pumps,

  • drum pumps and

  • container pumps.

For small containers and occasional use, you can also decide to use pumps that are operated manually. They are available from kaiserkraft, just like flow meters are to ensure exact fill quantities. For more information about hand pumps, please read our purchasing guide to ''Information about safe and correct dispensing with hand pumps''.

These properties also matter

If you've found pumps that are suitable for the container concerned as well as the liquid it contains, then take a look at the details, such as the immersion depth. This is always tailored to the container (small container, drum, container) and should be a little larger than the actual container you wish to empty. Furthermore, our pumps differ according to power output and pump rate. If you're filling liquids with a high density and viscosity, then getting a pump with a high power output is definitely worthwhile.

If you have any doubts, then please ask. We're happy to help you with your search for the perfect pump. This is also true of our other accessories for hazardous goods handling, such as tanks and containers for safe storage, transport containers and accessories for drum handling.

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