Projection screens

There's not many things that get this much attention: no office should be without projection screens, because everyone focuses on them when you are holding your latest multimedia presentation. So find the right model to show your presentation in a flattering light. We have both stationary prjection screens and mobile projection screens on offer.

In the category Projection screens we offer you products of the following brands: eurokraft pro, magnetoplan, MAUL.

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    Projection screens: the focal point of your multimedia meetings

    View the corporate film quickly or sum up talks visually: projection screens are now an absolute must for presentation and moderation. Should you know more about what's on offer? Yes, definitely. Because the centre of attention for your multimedia talk should be chosen wisely.

    What projection screens are suitable for projectors?

    To show charts and text properly, projectors need a completely flat and evenly coloured surface. Furthermore, projection screens for projectors must be an absolutely neutral pure white. This replicates exactly all the colour points.

    You'll notice the difference at the latest when you are discussing the new colour scheme for the corporate design at a conference, for example. Here the printed and projected colour spaces shouldn't differ.

    These requirements make projection screens different to mobile pinboards for example. Admittedly, they are also flat and partly neutral white. However, the surface is reflective and hence shifts the readability and depiction accuracy.

    How large should a projection screen be?

    Is the size of a projection screen important? Yes and no. Large projection screens improve readability and visibility, but for this ideal situation, there first needs to be an optimum distance between the projector and screen. Secondly, the audience must be sufficiently far away so that they don't strain their necks watching? That's why the first rows of seats are some of the most unpopular in a cinema.

    In short, the size of the projection screen should match the surroundings. In typical conference rooms, smaller projection screens with tripods are usually completely adequate – and can be set up flexibly. Then you can switch more easily between projections and brainstorming with flip charts for example and equip the room with the exact media suitable for the meeting.

    For larger audiences, at an annual general meeting for instance. We of course also offer appropriately sized projection screens. You see that we have put a lot of thought into presenting for you. You can also find further tips in our guide on moderating.

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