Shipping Pallets are real all rounders for convenient movement and quickly handling of goods. Whether made of plastic, with non-slip coverings, for stacking, for heavy loads, with mesh stacking frames or even as hygiene pallets suitable for foodstuffs: discover our efficient wooden pallets for transport and storage here.

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Shipping pallets and Crates : modern warehousing would be impossible without them

We don't need to tell you how important pallets are for modern storage facilities and transport logistics. That's why we prefer to answer the key questions we often get regarding the use of pallets.

How many Euro pallets can a container take?

You should always consider the dimensions of the pallets compared to the container and storage direction. The load bearing capacity and total weight of each loaded pallet also play a role. These factors certainly differ when you swap wooden pallets with plastic pallets. As a rule of thumb, 11 Euro pallets fit into a 20-foot container and a 40-foot model can take around 24 Euro pallets.

How high may pallets be stacked?

There's no specific guideline regarding the height of a stack of (empty) pallets as the height depends on numerous factors. These not only include the floor conditions and the ability to secure the stacks. Practical requirements should also be considered. Ultimately, the action radius of lifting equipment also have certain limitations.

For work safety,

Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998 (PUWER)

, for example, applies here which stipulates that pallets (when loaded) must be stored in a way that they do not tilt, move away or roll and are stable. This is even more important if the pallets are loaded, for example, with mesh pallets and stacking containers or hinged bottom containers which statically change a pile.

How do the quality levels of Wooden pallets differ?

Because wooden pallets are made of a natural product, wood, special quality levels apply which assess, for example, the surface properties and hence usability. For transport aids already used, there are four grades: class A, B and C and ''not usable''.

You should know the individual grades of your Euro pallets and have them repaired or returned accordingly. We have also put more information together for you on EUR pallets.

May Euro pallets be repaired – and if so, by whom?

Because Euro pallets are used in an intensive cycle and are essential for smooth transport logistics (for legal reasons also), they may only be repaired by holders of an EPAL licence. If you, yourself, do not have this licence, contact a specialist company.

Recycling Euro pallets: to be performed by specialist companies only

Only certain specialist companies may recycle Euro pallets as well. If you wish to ''stylishly'' take the pallets out of circulation, you can build modern lounge corners outdoors with them. You can find instructions on this online and don't need to have a lot of expert skills.

We would be happy to answer personally any questions you have on Euro pallets and also to advise when selecting other storage products – for example transport equipment and trolleys. Talk to us.

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