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A clever crowd control system: tape belts allow you to guide streams of visitors in a certain direction, or cordon off areas for a limited period of time. From tape barriers for wall mounting to mobile barriers that use of belts and posts: a wide range of products awaits you in the online shop at kaiserkraft – discover them now!

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Belt barriers: improved guidance, better information

Most human beings use vision for direction – and you can take advantage of this simply with belt barriers. Different colour codes and installation options ensure that you can guide visitor flows or keep people away from danger zones. And all without many words or warnings.

What are tape barriers suitable for when used?

The English invented the correct way to queue, and the Americans perfected it. It’s precisely this principle that belt barriers are used today as people guidance systems at events or in customer areas. Belt posts with belt cartridges in discreet colours ensure a space-saving and clear formation of queues (using the looping technique) or keep visitors away from certain areas.

If you change the colour code from black or grey to red/white or yellow/black, magnetic or plug-in belt barriers are a clear signal that there is a danger zone behind them – which a person should either not enter or in which they should be particularly careful.

The signalling effect is sufficient in many cases but can be supplemented by signs indicating the type of hazard or the reason for the warning. This applies, for example, to storage areas where special goods are kept. The belt barrier ensures that people think more consciously about their actions in the area.

Why and when do I use belts as a barrier?

Unlike many other barriers, belt barriers are so mobile and easy to set up that they can be installed and removed very quickly, for example around leaks or smaller construction sites.

Since the posts and belt cartridges can be joined together individually, you can delimit areas in a space-saving manner, without bulky railings, for instance, or barrier posts protruding into vehicle paths.

With the roll-up systems and durable materials for the belt, cartridge and/or post, the equipment can be used intensively and is superior to single use tape for barrier and marking. This pays off, especially where the barriers are frequently opened and closed.

As people guidance systems in discreet colours, the belt barriers do not interfere with the visual appearance of the room, nor do they have an unnecessarily ''alarming'' character, which would be created by grids or other barrier solutions.

Further individual solutions for the perfect marking of different areas can be found in our product range. We will be happy to advise you!

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