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Too few items for an entire hazardous goods storage facility, but too many for a simple hazardous goods shelf unit? In this case, your hazardous liquids are best kept in a hazardous goods storage depot. Not only does this allow you to store aggressive, water hazardous liquids in accordance with regulations, but also gives you the choice between particularly space saving or particularly easy to use depots with a roof that can be opened up, doors that open wide and can be locked, and sufficient space for several drums with pumps already fitted to them. Compact hazardous goods storage: hazardous goods containers or hazardous goods storage depots for indoor and outdoor use – find out more now, or place your order right away!

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Hazardous goods storage depots and hazardous goods containers: the mini storage facility offering maximum safety

When it comes to storing hazardous goods, safety and ease of use are intrinsically linked. This is why drums, small containers or IBCs with the corresponding media are stored in hazardous goods storage depots and containers. They combine the strictest safety standards with simple, safe handling.

What distinguishes hazardous goods storage depots?

Hazardous goods storage depots or hazardous goods containers are an all-in-one solution for regulation compliant storage of hazardous goods where space is limited. Whereas a hazardous goods storage facility would need to be set up in accordance with all safety measures and be separated from other areas of the company, a hazardous goods storage depot is ready for immediate use upon delivery. You can order different models suitable for drums, small containers or IBCs, and choose from numerous different versions:

  • Hazardous goods containers and storage for water hazardous media, aggressive chemicals or flammable substances

  • For outdoor and indoor storage on the company premises

  • Different types of lockable doors to suit the space available

  • Suitable for active and/or passive storage of flammable liquids, depending on the model

  • With accessories such as a filling stand, access ramp, hinged roofs, etc. for more convenience

Hazardous goods storage in containers, along with a plastic depot, are ideal for companies that only keep a limited number of containers in stock, and would like to optimise their hazardous goods handling and storage processes cost effectively and efficiently.

Which hazardous goods container is suitable for which media?

Please note the information on media compatibility and on the GHS categories for each product in our range. In general, the material used to make the hazardous goods storage depot indicates its media compatibility.

  • Plastic hazardous goods storage depots are corrosion free, weather resistant and can be used for water hazardous media and chemicals.

  • Hazardous goods containers made of zinc plated steel are suitable for flammable and water hazardous media. The information on active and passive storage at the respective installation site must also be observed in this case.

In addition to the labelling obligations for storage and containers, you must also take precautions for leakage management and regularly check the that all accessories in the depot function correctly. If necessary, replace sump trays and similar components.

Our Information on regulation compliant storage of hazardous materials provides you with even more details. We will also be happy to answer your questions in person. Simply contact us.