ESD shelving systems

Good organisation is essential – this is especially true in ESD areas. ESD shelf unit systems will help you maintain an overview of technology, accessories and legal regulations.

In the category ESD shelving systems we offer you products of the following brands: eurokraft pro.

ESD shelf unit systems – everything where it should be? A safe bet!

When it comes to setting up consistent ESD areas in companies, the job doesn’t end with the discharge capacity. When it comes to good organisation and storage space, you’d better not leave anything to chance. ESD shelf units not only have the correct electrical resistance, but also help optimise workflows.

What requirements must ESD shelf units fulfil?

Like all fittings and work equipment used at an ESD workplace, an ESD shelf unit must provide reliable protection from unregulated electrostatic discharges. To do this, it should discharge any voltage equalisation between personnel, shelf units and shelf contents in a controlled manner. This is why legislators have defined a leakage resistance for storage areas of 104 to 109 Ω according to EN 61340-5-1:2008.

Our ESD shelf units with freely configurable shelves come with a special ESD plastic coating that saves you the use of additional ESD protective matting or ESD storage bins. Of course, this does not mean that you won’t need this specialist ESD equipment – on the contrary. Protection from discharges must function seamlessly and at every stage that sensitive components are handled – whether during storage, transport or work processes.

Apart from all requirements for EPAs (Electrostatic Protected Areas), these shelf unit systems should also be stable, easy to assemble, easy to move and be extremely resilient. Of course, you don’t have to worry about that when it comes to our product range.

Which ESD shelf unit systems are available?

Our online shop also stocks standard shelving systems for the workplace as ESD models. You can create your own individual configuration by combining, for example, ESD shelf units as a basic version with an add-on elements required. The boltless ESD shelving unit is designed for max. bay loads of up to 1,700 kg and can therefore hold the typical items placed in storage, and work equipment in electrical engineering or laboratory areas.

For the special requirements in cleanrooms we offer special cleanroom shelf units that also have tightly sealed cavities and meet the requirements of cleanroom class 3.

What am I allowed to combine ESD shelf units with?

The Electrostatic Protected Area in your company can only function if you eliminate static discharges from every work step. That’s why ESD chairs and tables and ESD work clothing are just as important as ESD accessories. You will also need to make sure that the ESD boltless shelving unit is placed on a suitable ESD floor covering to guarantee its full discharge capacity.

You can find everything you need to know about voltage equalisation in our product guide ESD: Protection from damaging discharges.