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Strip curtains

Strip curtains are ideally suited for use as machine protection or hall partitions. Strip curtains made of PVC also make for a cost-conscious end wall for large hall openings. They close tightly and only open to the width required by the vehicle or load moving through. That's what we call practical!

Strip curtains are made to measure for specific orders. Please contact us to ensure your order is exact and correct.

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QUIPO - Strip curtain, price/m²
width x thickness 300 x 3 mm
from £69.50
from£ /  69.50
QUIPO - Strip curtain, price/m²
width x thickness 200 x 2 mm
from £55.50
from£ /  55.50
QUIPO - Strip curtain, price/m²
width x thickness 400 x 4 mm
from £84.00
from£ /  84.00
QUIPO - Strip curtain, price/m²
width x thickness 300 x 2 mm
from £58.00
from£ /  58.00
from £269.00
from£ / m 5.38
5 items found
Strip curtains – the transparent protection
Strip curtains are comprised of transparent plastic strips with rounded edges, and therefore allow people to pass through without injury. Each PVC strip is individually affixed to a special rail. This is why the strips can also be replaced individually without problems. You can purchase replacement strips as an inexpensive 50 meter roll in our webshop, making it easy to exchange any plastic strips that may be broken. Depending on the degree of overlap required for the individual strips, strip curtains can provide you with protection from dirt, cold, particles of dust and noise. Look online and choose your individual strip curtain from the wide variety of products in the shop – as a pivoting model, a rigid model or a model that can slide to the side. The strip curtains can be installed in front of, or underneath, the lintel and are available in heights from 2000 to 5000 mm. The full rail length required, as well as a side end stops with a practical clamping spring, are delivered. Please note the amount of space required at the side when making your order.

Strip curtains for production spaces and cold storage rooms
Strip curtains make an ideal partition for production spaces, individual areas in production halls or for cold storage rooms and heated areas as well. They are comprised of plastic strips that can be transparent, or tinted, as preferred. When layered, the plastic strips can be installed as a PVC curtain in front of entrances and openings to rooms. At the same time, the strip curtains are suitable for creating complete room systems by affixing them at the top and bottom, and thereby forming a rigid hall partition. The areas in which the curtains made of PVC strips can be used are extremely varied. They provide obstacle-free passage, just like passing a curtain, or allow vehicles like forklift trucks to pass through. The strips close again automatically once the person or vehicle has passed through, and protect the interior from any cold air or dust particles entering. The strip curtains are therefore also popular for areas in which work is being done with sensitive materials. They isolate, for example, paint shops, but also protect employees from potentially harmful substances that could escape from the area that has been partitioned off. Strips curtains therefore provide you with a practical solution and an alternative to setting up complete partition walls.
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