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Come over here and look at me! Our glass cabinets have a beauty to behold even on their own. But they're actually better when placed in the right environment – in retail sales, at trade fairs, in showrooms and, most of all, in your company. What are you waiting for? Find your new glass cabinet now!

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Glass cabinets: display what you've got to offer!

Seeing and being seen is the whole idea here. Glass cabinets from KAISER+KRAFT are the perfect catwalk for your goods and display pieces. They provide the desired attention and ensure that they remain seen when you present your stars to the public – at trade fairs, in sales rooms or in offices.

Our glass cabinets make your display pieces visible

Give your products a stage with a stylish column, free standing or wall mounted glass cabinet. Small or large, slim or with vast storage space. Glass cabinets with base cupboards provide the option to store accessories for presentation and sale in the same piece of furniture. Height adjustable shelves ensure even greater flexibility.

If you'd like to place the glass cabinet in the middle of the room, we recommend a model with four- or five-sided external glazing. Integrated LED spotlights or fluorescent strips attract even more attention in different lighting conditions. Subtle decorative elements such as panels and feet also give your presentation an elegant touch.

Glass cabinets: protection against accidents and theft

Beautiful objects are tempting to touch. With a glass cabinet from KAISER+KRAFT, the contents remain safe even when nobody is watching. Its robust single pane safety glass can withstand even heavy pushing and impacts without damage. Security cylinder locks are a


to thieves.

Do you need assistance choosing glass cabinets and fitting out your sales and exhibition rooms? We will be glad to help you in person. We also have many more products for presentation and moderation, from display cases to advertising stands.

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