Transport boxes

From the transport of small parts to heavy load transport – the right transport box will allow you to move everything from A to B. Our range is every bit as varied as the range of uses for the transport boxes: whether storage containers, small parts cases or aluminium transport crates, there's almost nothing we don't have.

In the category Transport boxes we offer you products of the following brands: ZARGES, eurokraft pro, CEMO, KS Tools, eurokraft basic, VISO.

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Transport boxes and Cases for every requirement

How is progress measured? By our transport boxes, for example. Because it's not so long ago that goods, tools and components were taken from A to B in rickety wooden boxes and heavy iron chests. Luckily these days are gone, at least at kaiserkraft. We can provide you with lightweight boxes and transport crates made from modern materials. Stable, rugged and with practical additional features.

Transport boxes: convenience and safety during transport

Cranes, stackers and other modern transport means are also part and parcel of progress. That's why many of our boxes can be stacked on one another on pallets. Some containers also have practical crane eyelets and forklift pockets. Handles or castors and pull-out handles make manually lifting and transporting goods easier.

Are you worried that the contents will be damaged when stacked, carried or pulled? Depending on the model, transport boxes from kaiserkraft are

  • Impact resistant and retain their shape

  • Resistant to heat and cold

  • Non-sensitive to humidity

  • Resistant to many acids and alkalis

  • Lockable

To select the perfect transport box, pay attention to the information on the product or ask us. We'd be glad to assist with your storage facilities.

Cases for small parts, tools and sensitive equipment

If a crate is too big, a case is available. For example, one of our installation and service cases. Small parts cases are ideal for keeping small items neat and tidy during transport. For practical storage, we offer numerous small parts cases with a stacking tower as a set.

Also available: protective cases with cube foam, plastic cases and unbreakable hard shell cases for highly sensitive goods such as electronic and optical equipment. Laptops and important documents will be stowed properly on business trips with one of our business trolleys or pilot cases. And progress doesn't end here either.

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