Grease guns, lubrication units

You use tools such as grease guns and lubrication units to lubricate moving parts, machines or vehicles in order to reduce wear. Here you can get professional lever and impact grease guns with manual or automatic operation, as well as powered electrically or with compressed air. Read on for more information!

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Grease guns and lubrication units for professionals

Lubricants are the be-all and end-all for smooth operation. On the one hand, they reduce wear and on the other, they ensure a longer service life. Because when machines are running at full speed, they need a regular top-up of lubricants. The easiest and safest way to do this is with grease guns and lubrication units.

How does a grease gun work?

They are the clean (and safe) alternative to manually re-greasing bearings, machine components and chains, etc. They work on a pressurised piston principle which places the grease directly at the desired point using a nipple. Long hoses and attachments make sure the grease gun can also easily reach areas deeper in a machine.

The one-handed grease gun is popular because it is convenient, clean and easy to fill. However, less pressure can be generated with it than with a two-handed hand lever grease gun or a compressed air grease gun (lubrication unit) or even with battery-operated grease guns.

What's best for me?

The smaller and handier the lubrication unit, the longer it takes to grease. That's why you should also focus on boosting lubrication performance as your company's machinery and equipment increasingly needs more grease. The more electric the grease gun, the faster and more precisely you can repair your machines and tools. Important factors for consideration are:

  • Operation with loose grease and/or grease cartridge

  • Delivery pressure and delivery volume

  • Operation and manageability in hard-to-reach places

  • Accessories supplied from filling nipple to reinforced hose

Why are grease guns considered in hazardous substance handling?

Doing lubrication work: That doesn't exactly sound very dangerous. Nevertheless, grease guns are part of your company's concept for handling hazardous substances.

  • When handling grease, contact with the skin or eyes must be avoided; protective gloves and moisturising creams are strongly recommended.

  • Hazardous goods cupboard are required for storage. These keep the grease separate from other flammable or explosive substances and have appropriate safety devices.

  • Equipment such as grease filling devices and absorbent sheeting should be used for refilling.

Grease guns must be checked regularly for serviceability and stability.

It goes without saying that you should train your employees in the proper handling of lubricants and grease guns and carry out regular risk assessments. Operations will only run really smoothly once you can accurately assess your skills and requirements.

You can find out even more about storing essential media safely in our Information on regulation compliant storage of hazardous materials. We can also tell you everything else in person – simply contact us.