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Shopping for professionals: our trolleys for shopping will even make procuring work supplies a pleasant shopping experience for wholesale and industry.

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The right choice for companies

When we say shopping trolley, we are, of course, referring to something different to the classic trolleys found at the supermarket. Industrial trolleys offer professional quality, specialist functions and are suitable for experts. What does that mean? Keep reading to find out!

What characterises industrial shopping trolleys for wholesale and industry?

Industrial versions are both transport equipment and order picking trolleys at the same time. As compact shelf trucks or platform trucks, they have the right load bearing capacity to bring orders, professional purchases or production materials – having been sorted – to the next processing point. It doesn’t matter whether it’s the checkout at a specialist retailer or a workstation in a workshop. Models for industry need to perform different tasks than comparable products for grocery shopping, and therefore offer more benefits:

  • Every model has a high max. load

  • Agile wheels and castors for manoeuvrability in narrow warehouse aisles

  • Ergonomic to drive

  • High resistance to weathering and wear and tear

  • Sorting options provided by a range of shelves, baskets and other utensils

What other purposes can companies use them for?

You are not a wholesale or specialist company with retail premises? That doesn’t matter – the highly manoeuvrable vehicles are still suitable for your business. Stylishly designed shelf trolleys are also useful as serving or table trolleys for hospitality and catering. A platform truck with baskets is just right for parcel and mail distribution. And as with all other transport equipment in our product range, the product can be adapted to the business.

What do I need to observe for use in a retail area?

Even though a higher max. load and plenty of space for transport are always a good idea, your product range and the layout of the retail areas are decisive when choosing a particular trolley.

  • If you trade in building materials and accessories and offer both large products and small parts, two different designs are recommended.

  • The dimensions you choose should ensure that customers can move between shelves effortlessly without blocking each other’s path or forcing them to perform complicated manoeuvres.

  • You will also need space to keep a sufficient number of shopping accessories ready at the entrance and exit. Many models can be nested to save space, however the related products featuring rails, shelves and wire baskets do not, unfortunately, allow this.

Consider shopping trolleys to be a key item for your workflows, and analyse the flow of goods in detail before making a purchase. We will be happy to help you to select the right products based on the results of this analysis. Simply contact us to do so.