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Choose from packing tapes with different widths, lengths, tear resistances and materials. Many people have found out the hard way what the wrong choice of packing tape can do. You order an expensive flat screen and, upon delivery, the heavy device falls through what is actually a stable base of the cardboard box at the last moment.

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Packing tapes from kaiserkraft – we deliver on our promise

How heavy are the contents of a cardboard box? What transport conditions need to be adhered to? For short domestic transport of a 10 kg cardboard box, inexpensive packing tape made of PP film is sufficient. A 60 kg cardboard box that passes through several climate zones during sea transport is better sealed with strong packing tape made of PVC or filament tape. The following applies to heavy cardboard boxes in particular: the wider the packing tape, the larger its adhesive surface. That’s why we stock many packing tapes in XXL sizes as well with a width of 75 mm.

When putting together our product range, we have, of course, made sure that you can unroll the packing tape both evenly and quietly. By the way: order the corresponding hand dispenser at the same time!

Our tip: reinforced tape is the most tear resistant packing tape of all. It is made from glass fibre reinforced PP film and exhibits maximum tear resistance both lengthwise and crosswise. Reinforced tapes are therefore the best solution for sealing cardboard boxes containing hazardous goods.

PVC packing tapes for medium and heavy cardboard boxes and cardboard boxes for export

PVC packing tapes are extremely tear resistant and have a high adhesive strength. Depending on the quality, packing tapes packaging tapes are made of PVC with natural rubber or special natural rubber.

The best packing tape (PVC) is resistant to moisture and to diluted acids and alkaline solutions. It can also withstand short term temperatures of up to 70°C and as low as –20°C. The packing tape is particularly suitable for sealing secondary packaging, larger cardboard boxes and plastic containers. We recommend the packing tape for the transport of medium weight cardboard boxes on short routes.

PVC packing tape TOP made from particularly thick, rigid PVC film exhibits maximum tear resistance and adhesive strength. The packing tape is suitable for sealing medium and heavy cardboard boxes as well as cardboard boxes for export.

PP packing tape – for light to medium weight cardboard boxes

Packing tapes made of PP film are more cost effective than PVC and are suitable for the sealing light and medium weight cardboard boxes securely due to their high adhesive strength. We recommend the use of low noise tape (PP) for transport by truck on short routes in different temperatures. In addition to its high tear resistance, this packing tape promises a pleasantly quiet noise when it is unwound.

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