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Their name tells you what they do: they keep the conveyor rolling. This also means that choosing the right conveyor rollers is decisive for uninterrupted transport processes.

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Conveyor rollers: the perfect linchpin for your conveyor technology

When the first conveyor belt is added to your warehouse or production hall at the latest, you'll wonder how you ever managed without the benefits it provides of keeping workflows running smoothly. Whether this is the case, however, depends on whether you chose the optimum conveyor rollers for your transport goods. How to find the best product to put a spin on things is shown by our product range at kaiserkraft.

Which factors define quality for conveyor rollers?

Roller conveyors that are driven by the force of gravity, in particular, have proved their worth in many areas of a company. They don't need a power supply and can move packages, open fronted storage bins or fragile components using nothing more than the interplay of roller dynamics and a slight gradient.

One of the most important factors in doing so is the absence of friction – the rollers must rotate easily on a high-quality bearing without losing kinetic energy. This is also true of the thread, which must be able to be secured to the mounting bracket with as little friction as possible. This all requires high quality materials and diligent workmanship – and this is exactly what characterises our conveyor rollers.

How do I choose suitable conveyor rollers?

Most important for your decision is which items are mainly moved on the roller conveyor.

The larger, the heavier and wider for example packages or components are, the higher the requirements on the roller diameter, the load-bearing capacity and the material are.

Steel with a corresponding roller diameter has proven to be up to the task. If the goods to be moved are sensitive, then you should choose products with a plastic lining.

The choice of material is particularly important when the conveyor belt is to be used in work environments which are, for example, exposed to chemicals, high temperatures or constant moisture.

Once these basic conditions have been clarified, then you can devote your attention to the spacing between rollers and therefore the number of products required.

As a rule of thumb, the following applies: there should always be three rollers under the transported goods at every point on the conveyor belt.

At the same time, more closely spaced rollers are optimal for goods with soft bases in order to minimise the starting resistance. Heavy goods for transport that have flat bases obtain the perfect momentum when a larger roller spacing is used.

How can kaiserkraft provide me with additional help with the purchase of conveyor rollers?

As you can expect, we are happy to provide you with advice on our entire product range. Furthermore, we can also provide you with additional lengths, roller diameters and material versions upon request. Our service advisers will be happy to help you.

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