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Stored in XXL: even large objects can now be accommodated practically and efficiently – because we have the right transport containers, with an astoundingly low empty weight. The range covers simple transport containers made of plastic to plastic crates with lids, and even includes multi purpose containers.

In the category Transport containers we offer you products of the following brands: CEMO, BITO, Rubbermaid.

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Transport containers: ease of use through the entire operation

Where to put often-used bulk materials, accessories or kitchen waste? Preferably in our transport containers because they are made of tough, modern materials, are space-efficient and can simplify storage logistics.

Why and when are transport containers better?

Large volumes of items can be collected or kept ready for use in our pallet boxes. Whether it's for an assembly workstation or an industrial kitchen.

The boxes are lightweight and can usually be stacked. They therefore save lots of valuable storage space and transport equipment and trolleys can be used, depending on the size and weight, to move them easily from A to B.

What transport containers are suitable for foodstuffs?

For storing food it's best to use plastic containers and trays made of polyethylene or HDPE (high-density polyethylene).

The special compound of carbon and hydrogen produces a very smooth, hardwearing, emissions-free surface that is required for foodstuffs. At the same time, the material is resistant to many acids and alkalis. Suitable large and multi-purpose containers in our product range are also identified as being food-safe in the product description.

You can find more information on the properties of different plastics in the purchasing guide on plastic types.

What castors are needed for large transport containers?

There are lots of options for transporting our transport containers – stacked on pallets, with a stacker, lifted or on runners, or manually on attachable and interchangeable wheels and castors.

It's best to go for nylon wheels and castors. This plastic is designed for heavy loads and exceedingly impact and shock resistant. It can also withstand adverse temperatures. These transport containers are therefore suitable throughout the entire company.

We are also the right people to talk to regarding all other products and storage solutions for your company. Take a look at our product range and discuss any special requirements you might have with us.

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