Barriers & Bollards

Safe demarcation: barrier systems help to mark specific danger zones, traffic routes or certain work areas. They provide a warning about potential dangers or prevent unauthorised persons from entering certain areas. From tapes for marking cordoned-off areas to safety barriers and bollards – discover the range of products available in the online shop at kaiserkraft. This is how you ensure safety throughout the company’s premises.

Barriers and bollards – showing the way.

Attention! Stop! This is the way! You could try telling employees and visitors all the rules of conduct needed for safety and problem-free workflows by giving them instructions. Or you could just use the visually unambiguous power of barriers and bollards. After all, they send out a significantly stronger signal than words ever could.

In which company areas are barriers and bollards indispensable?

By principle, in all of them. Everywhere and anywhere that people, machines and work come together, a barrier or bollard becomes important. Every time that you wish to guide, direct, safeguard or inform people or processes, then start by doing this using visual means. And this really is relevant for the entire Workshop product range:

  • In storage or transport areas, barriers and bollards regulate the safe coexistence of pedestrians, transport vehicles and storage sites.

  • On company premises, you can use speed ramps, boom gates and marking paint to restrict access, regulate traffic flows and earmark parking areas to suit your requirements – without words.

  • In buildings, door and information signs give visitors and employees the necessary orientation.

  • Even in the office and over the entire logistics chain, stickers and similar signs are the simplest way to stay on target when searching for items and products, and to get them from A to B.

Above all, it is important to replace bollards and barriers in regular intervals – and especially after winter. This will have both a highly representative effect and will also ensure that the signals remain highly visible and that they will be understood.

Which types of barriers and bollards should I use?

Regardless of which area of the company: when using barriers and bollards, it always depends on which of the four factors (guiding, directing, safeguarding or informing) takes priority. And when it comes to implementation, there is an optimum level: as soon as signs or information contradict each other, then it's too much of a good thing.

Markings or suitable products are absolutely essential wherever there might be a risk to safety:

  • Cable ducts allow you to eliminate tripping hazards and prevent cables from being damaged when heavy devices are moved over them. At the same time, you are also reminding drivers and pedestrians to proceed with caution.

  • Crash protection plays a role everywhere that collisions would have critical consequences for machines, equipment, people or vehicles.

  • One of the latest products available on the market is flexible crash protection, which returns to its original shape after a collision, and thereby significantly lowers the cost of maintenance for safety equipment.

And by the way: red-white barriers or markings allow you to signalise temporary hazard areas, while a product in yellow and black will safeguard hazard areas permanently.

Which regulations govern barriers and bollards?

Workplace safety using barriers and bollards

is also one of the regulations that has a high priority for legislators. First and foremost, this encompasses the Road Traffic Act and the Workplace Regulations, which also places a focus on the importance of safety signs. Before making a purchase, inform yourself exactly about which products you still need to have in stock.

How can we help you along?

From simple tabletop stands to sophisticated systems for crash protection, we are the right contact partner for all matters relating to barriers and bollards. Along with elements for fixed installation, we do, of course, also have a wide range of warning and barrier tapes suitable for temporary use.

Just take a moment to contact us – you won't need many words to show the safest route to take at your company in future.

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