Fire protection signs

Compliant with regulations and clearly visible: fire protection signs and symbols indicate where extinguishers can be found, and provide the orientation that is so important for the fire brigade. They ensure emergency services can find their way around quickly and save valuable time in an emergency. Find fire safety signs that are compliant with the statutory fire protection regulations at kaiserkraft – for improved safety in your company.

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Fire protection signs: how do they help in an emergency?

When there is a fire, every second counts. When this happens, fire protection signs are essential, as they show the way to the alarm button or to the extinguishers needed. They ensure that your staff can react quickly and sound the alarm if the worst comes to pass. Safety signs are also required by law, as they a key guide for the fire brigade.

What characterises fire protection signs?

Fire protection signs are special safety signs that indicate where fire alarms or fire extinguishing equipment such as fire extinguishers and fire hoses can be found in the event of fires. Displaying these signs is mandatory in workplaces to ensure that fire safety equipment can be found easily and quickly. Safety markings have been standardised throughout Europe since 2013: according to EN ISO 7010, a fire protection sign must consist of a white pictogram on a red background. This standardisation ensures that the signs are understood internationally. You can obtain the following types of fire protection pictograms in our webshop.

  1. Signs for fire alarm equipment such as fire detectors or a fire phone

  2. Resources and equipment to fight fires, such as fire extinguishers, fire hoses or fire blankets

  3. Fire protection signs for orientation such as directions, arrows pointing to fire doors, emergency ladders or a fire fighters’ lift

In addition to fire safety pictograms, fire brigade symbols in accordance with DIN 4066 are also available at kaiserkraft, ones which help fire fighters to find their way around quickly in the event of a fire.

At what height is a fire safety sign affixed?

Fire safety signs are usually affixed at a height of 200 – 220 cm, a height that usually corresponds to the door frame height. They must be permanently affixed and be clearly visible. This means that fire protection signs must be easily visible at all times, even in long spaces such as corridors, and nothing may conceal them.

Fire protection signs as different models

We have fire protection symbols both as V shaped signs or L shaped signs available for purchase. Also available in our online shop: fire protection signs as adhesive film. They are suitable for applying to smooth surfaces indoors.

If the lights go out in your company and there is no safety lighting, fire safety signs must remain be visible. That’s why you can also buy photoluminescent fire safety signs from us that show you the way – even in the dark.

What size should a fire protection sign be?

You can choose between different sizes for fire safety signs. The decisive factor when choosing the required size is the recognition range – i.e. the distance from which the sign remains easily visible. The following applies: the more detailed the fire protection symbols are, the shorter the distance to the observer should be. You can find more information on this in our Purchasing guide for recognition ranges.

If you have any questions, please contact us. We will be happy to help you to select the fire protection signs that you need in accordance with workplace directives.

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